The phrase jump the gun way to carry out something prematurely or to start something before you were an alleged to.

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Example: We have actually a special guest coming end tomorrow and I to be asked to store their identification a secret until then, but I jumped the gun and revealed that early. (In other words, the surprised was revealed too soon.)

The origin Of ‘Jump The Gun’

Where walk the expression “jump the gun” come from? It’s believed that this expression originates from track and field racing. At the beginning of these races, it is common for a beginning pistol (aka a gun) to be fired. The sound the the shot signals the runners to, well, run. That basically method “GO!”However, periodically while the runners wait for the pistol to fire, one (or more) that them will start before the cause has even been pulled. Hence, that jogger “jumped the gun,” together the speak goes. In various other words, he began the race previously than he have to have. Eventually, this instance turned into an idiom the is currently used because that anything that is done prematurely.So exactly how long has this saying existed? that at least 190 year old since it dates earlier as beforehand as the year 1830. In the year, the idiom appears in publish under one advice obelisk in the Jacksonville newspaper Courier newspaper. To provide some context because that the complying with quote, world sometimes composed in come a woman named Abby because that counsel and also so this was component of her response to among them:“When you define his problem as ‘dying,’ you create the impression the you room rushing him to the cemetery.

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He could live fairly a while, for this reason don’t run the gun.

Example Sentences

Here are examples of this expression in a sentence:I’m thinking about buying this car because that its sleek design, but I have to be careful not come jump the gun top top something v such a hefty price tag. Okay think around it part more.Similar Examples:Leo opened up his gift prematurely; he was claimed to wait for anyone else.Ava put the cake in the stove too early, she needed to wait because that the temperature to rise.Tip: You might be wondering: “What is know Your phrase about?” Well, let me phone call you, it is a website around phrases! You can learn around the definition of thousands of expressions, and you can even be able to learn around the origin for few of them too! Browse with our list of unit volume via the menu at the top.Sharing is caring!