Hey guys, welcome to one more awesome virtual Japanese lesson native yellowcomic.com. This day we room going to be looking in ~ the incredible phrase which is, “kimochiii(きもちいい)”. Now not only are us going to it is in looking at kimochiii(きもちいい), we are also going to it is in looking in ~ some other variants making use of kimochi to help you express exactly how you feel.

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Learn exactly how to usage the typical Japanese expression “kimochiii(きもちいい)”

First we will look at exactly how to use Kimochiii(きもちいい) and also learn much more about the make up of the phrase. Next, we will look at a few more different variations through “kimochi” to help express other feelings. Finally, us will give you an awesome study reminder that you have the right to take away so you don’t forget these awesome phrases.

Let’s jump appropriate in people and start learning all around 気持ち, that time to start feeling good!

Breaking under the usual Japanese phrase 気持ちいい(きもちいい)

Kimochi 気持ちmeans feeling or sensation in Japanese. Currently if you take it a look at the kanji you have the right to learn more about the specifics. First we have き気 Ki which method spirit or energy in Japanese. Friend may have actually seen this quite frequently in 元気 Genki げんき. 持ち もち Mochi way “to hold” or “to have” in Japanese. So if you look at these 2 words together a combination you have the right to see we have “feeling” and “hold” translating into the “feelings friend have”.

To express that something feels good you include the adjective for an excellent いい after ~ 気持ち きもち come create

きもちいい 気持ちいいKimochiiiFeels good.This is much more used to describe physical feelings that you feel, quite than gift in speak a “good mood”. For example if you acquire a nice earlier rub from her other half or hear an exceptional song that makes you feel an excellent you have the right to say 気持ちいい “Feels good”. Look in ~ it like that’s the emotion that you have right now.

So currently we have essentially completed the class on きもちいい what should we execute next? Well, we should look at expressing various other feelings through きもち.

Expressing other feelings with the common Japanese expression “kimochi”

What’s the contrary of a good feeling or great sensation? A negative sensation of course. For this we would just swap the いい the comes after ~ きもち with わるい, warui “bad”.

気持ちわるいきもちわるいKimochiwaruiTo feeling bad.This describes the emotion of something emotion bad. Imagine you have a really poor headache, the emotion or emotion you are having actually right now is of food a bad one. You cannot usage it as a negative mood together this is no a physics feeling and also is spatu from person to person. Because that a negative mood girlfriend would usage 気分が悪い “Kibun ga warui”

Let’s have actually a look at some other instance sentences to assist with your knowledge of the usual Japanese expression “kimochi”. Please remember to check out these sentences aloud at least 5 time to help you recognise the pattern.

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Examples sentences through “Kimochi”

ame ga kimochi ii雨が気持ちいいThe rain feels good.massaaji ga kimochi iiマッサージが気持ちいいThe massage feel good.kaze ga kimochi ii風が気持ちいいThe wind feeling good. yellowcomic.com - YouTube Premium MemberShip

An effective study pointer to aid you psychic “Kimochi”

So a really effective study tip to help you remember this expression is come imagine every the things that make you feel either great or bad. Imagine stubbing your toe, what would you say? feel good? No you would certainly say KIMOCHI WARUI since it’s a poor sensation. Imagine receiving an amazing foot rub after walking for hours, you would say, KIMOCHI II. Come up v your own cases where you feeling either good or bad and also make certain to create them down and document them. If you carry out 5 the each, friend will absolutely master the phrase for sure.

This is so essential in furthering your study as you will really gain to grips v the consumption through creating your own examples. Shot and usage it in your day-to-day life as lot as feasible until you obtain the cave of the naturally. Then you will have the ability to use the effortlessly once it concerns speaking Japanese.

So currently let’s take it a look in ~ a super reliable study guideline you have the right to use to

Well guys, us hope you space feeling good after learning about feeling good! the is always a satisfied to have actually you right here for our online Japanese articles and are really glad you room serious about learning our beautiful language. If you have any type of questions at all or would like to suggest some concepts for future contents that you would like us to talk about, execute not hesitation to obtain in touch together it would certainly be fantastic to hear from you. Save studying guys and also gals and also don’t provide up! watch you right here again, またね.

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