indigenous Slim and George returning to the bunkhouse come George comforting Lennie ~ the fight with Curley.

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At the end of the workday, Slim and George go back to the bunkhouse. Slim has actually agreed to provide one of the pups come Lennie, and George thanks him because that his kindness, insisting that Lennie is “dumb together hell,” however is neither crazy no one mean. Slim appreciates George’s friendship with Lennie, saying that it is a welcome readjust in a world where no one ever before “seems to give a damn around nobody.” George confides in Slim the story of how he and Lennie became companions. They to be born in the exact same town, and George took fee of Lennie after the death of Lennie’s Aunt Clara. In ~ first, George admits, he pushed Lennie around, obtaining him to execute ridiculous things, such as jumping right into a river also though that didn’t know just how to swim. After ~ watching his friend nearly drown, George feeling ashamed the his behavior. Since that day, he has taken an excellent care that his companion, protecting him also when he it s okay in trouble. Because that example, in Weed, the critical town whereby they worked, Lennie want to touch the towel of a girl’s red dress. When she traction away, Lennie ended up being frightened and held on to her till George struggle him end the head to make him allow go. The girl accused Lennie that rape, and also George and Lennie had to hide in an watering ditch to escape a lynch mob.

Lennie comes into the bunkhouse, transporting his new puppy under his coat. George berates that for acquisition the small creature far from that mother. Together Lennie returns the puppy to the litter, Candy and Carlson appear. Carlson begins to complain again about Candy’s dog, saying that it stinks and also that that “ain’t no an excellent to himself.” the urges liquid to shooting the animal. Liquid replies that he has had the dog because that too many years to kill it, however Carlson proceeds to push him. At some point Slim joins in, suggesting that Candy would be placing a suffering animal out if that misery. Slim supplies him a puppy and also urges him to let Carlson shoot the dog. An additional farmhand, Whit, enters and shows Slim a letter created by a guy they used to occupational with released in a pulp magazine. The short letter praises the magazine. As the males marvel over it, Carlson uses to kill the dog conveniently by shooting it in the ago of the head. Reluctantly, Candy provides in. Carlson bring away the dog outside, promising Slim that he will certainly bury the corpse. After a few awkward moments of silence, the men hear a shot ring out, and Candy transforms his challenge to the wall.

Crooks, the black stable-hand, comes in and also tells Slim that he has warmed part tar to put on a mule’s foot. ~ Slim leaves, the other guys play cards and also discuss Curley’s wife, agreeing the she will certainly make trouble for someone; together George says, “She’s a jailbait all collection on the trigger.” Whit invites George to companion them come a neighborhood whorehouse the following night. Whit discusses the merits of old Susy’s place over Clara’s, it being cheaper and having nice chairs, but George comments the he cannot afford come waste his money because he and also Lennie space trying to put together a “stake.” Lennie and also Carlson come in. Carlson cleans his gun and also avoids looking at Candy. Curley appears looking because that his wife again. Full of jealousy and also suspicion, the asks whereby Slim is. Once he learns the Slim is in the barn, the storms off in the direction, complied with by Whit and also Carlson, that hope to view a fight.

George asks Lennie if he saw Slim with Curley’s wife in the barn, and also Lennie states no. George warns his companion versus the trouble that women cause, and then Lennie asks that to describe the farm that they expect to buy. As George talks, candy listens and becomes excited through the idea of together a beautiful place. That asks if the place really exists. George is guarded in ~ first, yet soon claims that the does and that the owners room desperate to market it. Get rid of with hope, Candy supplies to contribute his life’s savings if they permit him to live over there too. Due to the fact that he is old and also crippled, he worries that the ranch will let him walk soon. The males agree that after a month of occupational at this ranch, they will have sufficient money conserved to make a under payment on the house. George speak the various other two no to call anyone else around their plan. Together they hear the various other men’s voices approaching, Candy claims quietly come George the he should have shot his old dog himself, and not let a stranger carry out it.

Slim, Curley, Carlson, and Whit return. Curley apologizes to Slim because that his suspicions, and then the other guys mock him. Knowing that Slim is too solid to be beaten in a fight, Curley looks come vent his fury elsewhere. The finds straightforward target in Lennie, who is quiet dreaming of the farm and smiling with childlike delight. Though Lennie begs to be left alone, Curley strikes him. He throws several punches, bloodying Lennie’s face, and hits that in the gut prior to George urges Lennie to fight back. On George’s command, Lennie grabs Curley’s right hand and breaks that effortlessly. Together Slim leads Curley far to a doctor, he cautions him not to have George and also Lennie fired, or he will certainly be made the laughingstock of the ranch. Curley consents no to attempt to have them fired. George comforts Lennie, informing him the the fight was not his fault and also that he has nothing to fear. Lennie’s only fear is the he will not be allowed to have tendency the rabbits on your farm. George assures him that he will.

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During George’s conversation v Slim, Steinbeck creates the beginnings of Lennie and George’s connection in a few broad strokes. Theirs is a childhood connection grown into a rarely adult companionship. After year of torturing and also taking benefit of his friend, George had a ethical awakening, realizing the it is wrong to make a weaker life being suffer for sport. This conviction runs respond to to the cruel nature that the human being of the ranch-hands, in i m sorry the solid hunt down and also do away through the weak. In this section, the death of Candy’s dog testifies to the pitiless procedure by i m sorry the strong attack and also eliminate the weak. Candy’s dog—although no longer valuable at corralling sheep—is of an excellent importance to the old swamper. Candy’s emotionally attachment to the dog is clear. Regardless, permitting the pet to live out its work is not an alternative in this devilish environment. Carlson insists the the animal’s infirmity makes that unworthy of together devotion. The most comfort he have the right to offer is to guarantee Candy that he will certainly kill the dog mercifully and also quickly. Once Slim, the story’s many trusted resource of wisdom, agrees, he only confirms that their world is one that uses the weak and disempowered tiny hope that protection.