When it comes to TikTok trends, it seems choose anyone could come to be famous indigenous one video. Even though patterns can quickly come and also go, all it bring away is one write-up to get sufficient traction to gain a ton that followers. And since the fads don't last long, one more one is constantly just approximately the corner to acquire millions that views.

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This recent TikTok trend is all around a "lick," but what walk that even mean? The term has actually actually been roughly for a while and it might be older than the app itself. Here's what us know around it and how it acquired so popular.

When you to speak you obtained a "lick" top top TikTok, it way you stole something. According to Know your Meme, that all began in September 2021 as soon as the user
dtx.2cent posted a video that started the trend. With text over the display screen that claims "only a month into school and also got this absolute devious lick," the user traction a hand sanitizer dispenser the end of their backpack.


dtx.2cent's tik now has over 11 million views and tons of human being have currently re-created the video. World are stealing points from your campuses favor microscopes, signs, a crate of hand sanitizer, and more, all to the same audio through a user named
support.audible.com stated they witnessed Shang-Chi and took a part of the movie theater's wall home v them. Know your Meme claims this video clip got 260,000 see in one day, and also it now has actually over 408,000 views.

Actually, "lick" has actually been provided in this method previously. It's been slang because that years now to say the if girlfriend "caught a lick" you stole other successfully. Cardi B even has a song dubbed "Lick" with her now-husband offset from back in 2017 about this specific thing.

In some cases, a "lick" isn't exactly a robbery. It's an ext of a instance in which someone comes right into a lot of money in ~ one time. Cardi's video clip spans both meanings of the word. While she walk sing about making numerous money and also being able come afford whatever she wants, the ide of the music video clip is about robbing a casino.

There are additionally similar-sounding phrases choose "hit a lick," i m sorry Grammarphobia specifies via Green’s dictionary of Slang as "to make an effort" but often supplied in an adverse ways "implying laziness ... E.g., 'He hasn't fight a lick every week.'"

In the instance of Cardi or this tiktok trend, to say you "caught a lick" fits better.

at the principals rn they recorded me trying to obtain a devious lick by trying to steal the soap dispenser turn off the bathroom wall pic.twitter.com/7tb0L0vtuF

— Zave (aired arc) 🌎☄️💕 (

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Also, saying you "caught a lick" just works if friend don't gain caught. If you shot and steal something and someone actually records you in the act, it's no a lick. Girlfriend just acquired caught. This likewise seems to it is in the case if someone captures you ~ the fact.

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