Do you understand what walk LP mean? Now recognize the meaning of LP provided in web slang. We have actually over 10000 abbreviation offered over the web in facebook, whatsapp chatting and in sms texting.

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Meaning the LP ?

Meaning of LP is lengthy Play (record), Let"s Play.

LP Definition

The defintion the LP is lengthy Play (record), Let"s Play. .

What go LP mean?

LP way Long play (record), Let"s Play.

Comments having LP

%2Asitting in the strength out%2Amy mom: LP a gamehaley: ns spy something black color I"m tired of waiting.. LP LP a game referred to as What the F%2Ack walk I carry out With my Keys? #TagTeamTuesday likes to hear to Tunes, while grocery shopping. LP #SupermarketSongs. Tops on


LP a video game Text your Parents/Family member the we"re dating and then tweet me a screenshot of their reply because that a RT good win. Can"t wait to watch the highlights, well done guys! LP like this in ~ the weekend versus scumslea!
FullTimeDEVILS #GGMU I"m thinking around continuing my LP series. Who"s interested? go you miss out on an episode of
FunhausTeam on the LP channel? much better watch "em all to make sure you didn"t!… survive LP Ep. 65 - AUTO COOKER 9000!!! REDSTONE BUILD!!! - Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition): via

What does LP stand for?

Terms relating to LP

'S - Wrongly displayed "s AWNP - all Work, No pat BALLER - Successful round player BALLIN - play basketball BANTER - Playful, witty conversation BUSKING - playing music in public for money CAMPER - Player that lies in wait for a target CHOOB - High level player who acts like a noob COP - close of play COSPLAY - Costume pat EP - prolonged Play ERP - Erotic Role-Play

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F2P - totally free To play FP - fair Play FROOB - cost-free Noob. Non-paying player GAMER - human being who playsvideogames GGWP - good Game, well Played HUD - Heads-Up display screen IPOD - MP3player indigenous Apple JP - just Playin" JPA - just Playing roughly JRPG - Japanese function Playing video game L2P - learn To beat L2PK - find out To Player death LARP - Live Action duty Play LBH - Let"s Be honest LCD - fluid Crystal screen LCTS - Let"s change The topic LDI - Let"s perform It LEGGO - Let"s walk LGD - Let"s obtain Drunk LJBF - Let"s simply Be friend LMAD - Let"s make A transaction LMIRL - Let"s meet In real Life LP - lengthy Play (record) MMOFPS - giant Multiplayer Online an initial Person Shooter MMORPG - giant Multiplayer Online function Playing video game MOBA - Multiplayer Online battle Arena MPOG - Multiplayer Online game MULTI - Player with multiple virtual accounts MVP - Most valuable Player NPC - no Player personality (MMORPG) P&P - Party and also Play P2P - pay To pat PDEA - windy Displayof elderly Affection PDOA - publicly DisplayOf Affection PIBE - Play that By Ear PK - Player kill (MMORPG) PNP - Party and also Play POOLSHARK - great pool player