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I have often heard the expression, "he"s really putting on the dog" What does it mean and also where does the come from? ns tried number of times to become a member and also after several mistakes ns can"t. I"m native the usa and my email is dipgil
From the Maven"s indigenous of the Day:Put top top (the) dog is an expression that method ‘to do a display of riches or importance, specifically by dressing stylishly and also flashily’. It’s similar in an interpretation to the later on expression placed on the ritz. Put on (the) dog dates ago to American university slang of the 1860’s and also is recorded in Lyman H. Bagg’s four Years at Yale (1871): “Dog, style, splurge. To put on dog is to make a flashy display, to cut a swell.” At about the exact same time, the connected adjective doggy was a well-known slang term meaning ‘attractively stylish; costly; fancy’. One of the more implausible suggestions for the origin of hotdog is the imported German franks were called “doggy hots”--they to be fancier than continual sausages. Placed on (the) dog is possibly associated to the fact that noble or wealthy ladies had actually lapdogs together pets; these dog were small enough to put on the lap. The silky-haired Maltese dog was a pampered pets of the noble women of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Excavators have uncovered remains that the Pekingese in tombs from 2000 years ago. This dog was assumed to it is in an incarnation the the Chinese Door Guardian god; the dog represented wealth and became the favored pets of the upper classes. In the 1860’s, Queen Victoria was offered lapdogs together gifts, and they became really popular in England. Perhaps the expression put on (the) dog was not only connected to pampered lapdogs--newly rich ladies may have actually wanted to display off any an elaborate dog by putting it on a leash or wearing it in a sleeve. Ted Shapiro, who worked as Sophie Tucker’s piano accompanist in vaudeville, wrote a renowned rag called “Putting on the Dog.” Surprisingly, this expression is still supplied occasionally, together in describing a an elaborate wedding reception or a i have lot of money purchase. And it is alive and also well in feeling (literal) contexts, which shows that most civilization know what the figurative expression means.

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Because that example, in ~ a current dog show, the owners were defined as putting on the dog or “putting top top heirs (airs).” I also found a net site dubbed Putting top top the Dog--it sells an elaborate and i have lot of money canine apparel.