Users of Comcast have actually reported the error password s0a00 on your Xfinity TV box. It may be as result of an activation concern where your TV box has actually not however been activated. The can also be a, issue with the TV crate itself.

In part cases, over there is a difficulty with connecting to the Comcast network, or you might have loosened cable connections that influence streaming.

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The Comcast Xfinity error will offer you the message, “One minute Please (Ref Code: s0a00).” If you have actually encountered this error message, check out the methods listed below on exactly how to deal with the problem.

How carry out I deal with Comcast TV box Ref password s0a00 Error Message?

Try these troubleshooting approaches to help you resolve the Comcast Xfinity Cable TV box problem.

Method #1 – strength Cycle your Device

Credit: Thanakorn_kotpootorn/FreepikFirst, turn off her TV.Unplug all your devices and also wait for at the very least 1 minute.While waiting, you have the right to press the power buttons of her TV and also TV box for 10 secs each.Now, plug in your router and modem.Plug in her TV and also TV box.Turn your gadgets on and check if the concern still exists.

Method #2 – Reattach the Cables

Remove the strength cable from your TV box.Remove the coaxial cable from her TV crate and wall outlet or splitter, if you room using any.Wait because that a couple of seconds.Reattach her coaxial cable back to your TV box and also the wall surface outlet.Reattach your power cable.
Credit: Comcast

Method #3 – Bypass your Splitter

If you space using a splitter on your device, shot to bypass it and connect the directly.

First, remove the power cable from her Xfinity TV box.Take her coaxial cable and also remove the end connecting come the splitter. Leave the various other end connected to your TV box.Take the loose end and also connect it straight to the cable wall outlet.Attach your power cable again to your TV box.Now, inspect if the error is still there.

Try each an approach above and also check the error again. If no one works, call Comcast customer service and report the problem.

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Did any type of of the approaches work for you? If yes, i beg your pardon one? allow us know in the comments below.