We room driving indigenous Meersburg come Ilmensee and also google maps says it is a restricted usage road. Can anyone phone call me what that way ? Thanks

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You queried come an deal with - not simply to Ilmensee?

Most most likely your destination is in a roadway where access is just for "Anlieger frei". Sign


Only civilization who live (at the road) behind this authorize or who need to do something over there (visit someone, stay there in a hotel etc. - the "restricted usage") are enabled to drive there. But it is e.g. Not allowed to drive just through together a road due to the fact that it is a faster way for you. Or since you're looking for a space to park your car.

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2.Re: minimal usage road ? what walk it mean
8 years ago
abalada has mentioned the many common cause of a limited usuage road, yet some roads could likewise be limited if the size and also weight that a verhicle is as well much; perhaps just emergency vehicles room allowed; or rather such as autobahns due to the fact that pedestrians, bicycles and little motorbikes are not allowed. Use www.viamichelin.com for her road trip advice i beg your pardon is much far better than google, and also I doubt the you'll come throughout any restricted roads on a suggested route.

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3.Re: limited usage roadway ? what go it mean
6 year ago

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