The full kind of SNM is say no moreSNM normally method “say no more”. You would say this once someone speak you something and also it’s enough information that you don’t want anymore. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the situation is disgusting and you don’t want to hear the remainder of the story. Or it can be because you gain the person’s allude and don’t need extra elaboration.

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Other MeaningsSnm additionally has other meanings besides “say no more”. Top top Twitter, #SNM way SNOM, which is a form of cryptocurrency coin. SNM also stands because that “sacred name movement” and also “Sant Virankari Mission”. As well as “show no mercy,” “sex n money,” and “smoke n mirrors.”

S & M is additionally a sexual fetish that represents Sadism & Masochism. This way that you and/or your partner are receiving sex-related gratification and pleasure from including pain in your sex. Probably you’re involving choking or spanking. Leather and also collars are additionally frequently used.

Conversation ExamplesPayton: Raincheck for 2niteChloe: yPayton: fml groundedChloe: wtfPayton: hmu later ill to fill you inChloe: snm ttys



say no more


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