What go SOZ mean? room you looking for the definition of this texting acronym? This post explains how to use this internet slang term with beneficial conversation examples and ESL infographic.

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What walk SOZ Mean?

The slang ax ‘soz’ is one abbreviated method of saying, sorry. Ironically, that takes a split second to location the z instead of rry in the word sorry. However, this slang term is the popular way of informing someone you space sorry for something you have done come them. Also, a means of sarcastically saying i m really sorry to someone who have to apologize about something they have actually done.

While that is one informal way to say ns sorry, it need to remain in the unshened conversation. Use of ‘soz’ for other purposes 보다 a flip ns sorry, might actually it is in disrespectful to your friends.

Origin the SOZ

While a definite day of origin is covert to the world, it has been added to the Cambridge dictionary as casual word for sorry. Social media appears to it is in the many often debated origin the the abbreviation. The need and desire to abbreviate every word feasible gave birth to ‘soz’.

Conversation Examples

How girlfriend would use this text massage abbreviation.

Example 1

Texter 1: I gained a D!Texter 2: On the math quiz?Texter 1: YES!Texter 2: five wow, I obtained a B.Texter 2: soz

It will often be supplied while texting, saying ‘soz’ deserve to be bring away both sincere and also sarcastic. Choose in this instance the friend is sorry their buddy acquired a D, but they aren’t i m really sorry they gained a B on the exact same test.

Example 2:

Texter 1: I heard about your dad, soz man.Texter 2: It’s every good, give thanks to you though.Texter 1: Yeah still soz. Ns know just how someone leaving deserve to be.

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Texter 2: TY

Here you have actually a conversation in between friends, and one keeps saying sorry around his friend’s dad just leaving him and also his mom even though the friend doesn’t really desire to talk about it.

ty – give thanks to You

Other Meanings

Spirit of ZopiloteSmall Occluded ZonesSerum Opsonized Zymozan

SOZ meaning Infographic


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