Rank Abbr.Meaning
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
ASAPMilitary Substance Abuse Program
ASAPAlmeans Strive and also Prosper

ASAPAviation Safety Action Program
ASAPAlliance of Security Analysis Professionals
ASAPAs Simple As Possible
ASAPAIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific (est. 1990)
ASAPAs Small As Possible
ASAPAmerihave the right to Society of Administrative Professionals (Portland also, ME)
ASAPAs Sustainable as Possible
ASAPAs Soon As Paid (sales)
ASAPAs Short As Possible
ASAPAerospace Safety Advisory Panel (NASA)

ASAPAs Safe As Possible
ASAPAggregate Server Access Protocol
ASAPAlcohol Safety Action Program
ASAPAssociation of Strategic Alliance Professionals (Canton, MA)
ASAPAlways Say A Prayer
ASAPAgroecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program
ASAPAny Service, Any Port
ASAPAs Soon As Practical
ASAPAmerihave the right to Syringomyelia Alliance Project
ASAPAlaska Stand Alone Pipeline (est. 2010)
ASAPAustralian Science Archives Project
ASAPAdditional Skill Acquisition Program (miscellaneous organizations)
ASAPAfter School Activities Program
ASAPAmerican Society for Automation in Pharmacy
ASAPAs Scared as Possible
ASAPAutomated Standard Application for Payment (US Treasury Department)
ASAPAs Slow As Possible
ASAPAtypical Small Acinar Proliferation
ASAPAutomated Scheduling, Optimisation and also Planning (College of Nottingham, UK)
ASAPAutomatic Switching And Processing
ASAPAmerideserve to Society for Action on Pain
ASAPAcademic Strategic Alliances Program
ASAPAmerican Society for Adolescent Psychiatry
ASAPARIANE Structure for Auxiliary Payloads
ASAPAutomated Shipboard Aerological Programme
ASAPAsperger's Support for Adolescents Plus (est. 2006)
ASAPCutting edge Sensor Applications Program (US DoD)
ASAPAfter School Academic Program
ASaPAdrian Smith and Project (band)
ASAPAfter Sales Assistance Portal
ASAPAdvertising Specialties and also Proactivities (Walnut Creek, CA)
ASAPAmerican Society of Architectural Perspectivists
ASAPAlcohol Substance Abuse Program
ASAPAlcoholism and also Substance Abusage Providers of New York State (additionally seen as ASAPNYS)
ASAPAnywright here Secure Access Policy (Aventail)
ASAPAeronautical Services and Procedures (Slovakia)
ASAPAging Service Access Point
ASAPAviation Safety Action Partnership
ASAPAuditors Sharing Audit Programs (AuditNet)
ASAPAfter School Aid Program
ASAPAutomatic Service Activation Program
ASAPAdaptive Sampling and also Analysis Program
ASAPAssociation of Social Alarms Providers (UK)
ASAPAs Stupid As Possible
ASAPCutting edge Strategic Art Program
ASAPAlternative Support Apparatus (rescue auto based on Polaris 6x6)
ASAPampullary, seminal vesicle, and also prostatic
ASAPAmerideserve to Society of Adults with Pseudo-Obstruction
ASAPApplication-Specific Systems Architecture and also Processors
ASAPCutting edge System Analysis Program (software application from Breault Research Inc.; Tucson, AZ)
ASAPAll Sports All Polarized (Native Eyewear sunglasses company)
ASAPAssociation de Sauvegarde et d'Accueil des Perroquets
ASAPAkita Support and Placement (rescue group; California)
ASAPApplication Service Access Point
ASAPAutomated Staffing Application Program (USDA Foremainder Service)
ASAPAdvocates for Sexual Assault Prevention
ASAPAudio Service America Productions
ASAPAct Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm (Dr Seuss' story Horton Hears a Who)
ASAPAmateur Screenplays Amateur Productions (Brokport, New York)
ASAPAdvanced Equipment and Products
ASAPApplied Securities Analysis Program
ASAPMilitary Scientific Advisory Panel
ASAPArmy Streamlined Acquisition Process
ASAPAnarchist Skins and also Punks
ASAPAsian Shelter and Advocacy Project
ASAPAdvanced Scientific Array Processor
ASAPAlmeans Speak and Pray
ASAPAlarm Severity Assignment Profile (Alcatel)
ASAPAerospace Safety Automation Program
ASAPState-of-the-art Survivability Assessment Program (naval ship design)
ASAPAIDS and also Substance Abusage Prevention
ASAPArizona Student Achievement Program
ASAPAutomatic Self Allocating Processors (Convex)
ASAPAgricultural Sciences Advisory Panel
ASAPState-of-the-art Symbolic ATE Programming
ASAPA Simplified Ascollection (disposal) Procedure
ASAPAccelerated Situational Awareness Prototype
ASAPAdvanced Surdeals with and Processes, Inc.
ASAPAfter September, April Possibly
ASAPAfter School Attention Program
ASAPAeronautics and also Space Access Page (NASA)
ASAPAccelerated Equipment Applications and Products (data processing)
ASAPAutomated Standardized Administrative Program (US Maritime Corps)
ASAPAthabashave the right to Self-Sufficiency Aid Partnership (Alaskan aboriginal assistance plan)
ASAPMilitary Streamlined Acquisition Program
ASAPAntisubmarine Attack Plotter
ASAPAmericans Securing Amerihave the right to Ports (Act; HR 4833)
ASAPAviation Safety Analysis Program
ASAPAvionics Sensor Adaptive Planner
ASAPA Stupid Acting Human (Dilbert comic strip)
ASAPAlliance for Sustainable Application Products
ASAPAlcohol Servers Awareness Program
ASAPAlmeans Safe, Always Prepared (Texas Petrochemicals LP security slogan)
ASAPAggressor Space Applications Project
ASAPAll Substance Abusage Providers
ASAPAutomated Statistical Analysis Program
ASAPArchitecture Simulation Analysis Platform
ASAPArea Studies Modern Program (US Air Force examine awide program)
ASAPAll-Star Sunday Afternoon Party (Philippines television show)
ASAPAlabama Substance Abusage Program
ASAPAircrew System Advisory Panel
ASAPAmerihave the right to Society of Advertising and Promotion
ASAPAcquisitions Strategies and Plans
ASAPAdvanced Safety Applications and also Procedures Ltd (UK)
ASAPAdministrative Services Automation Program
ASAPAdministrative Services Automation Project
ASAPAdministrative Support/Advancing Productivity
ASAPAirairplane Safety Awareness Process
ASAPASEAN Student Action Project
ASAPAny Subscriber's Access Point (Cutting edge Fiber Communications)
ASAPAutomatic Standard Application Package (Sprint)
ASAPAgent Services Alliance Program (Lucent/Nec/Nortel)
ASAPAutomated Support Activity Program
ASAPAnd Sink A Pint