Well, relying on the context and also measurement conventional used, hundreds of thousands the square feet—and dollars!

When it concerns the topic of acquisition up room these days, many of the attention is put on the occupier, v the an are being take away up regularly relegated come an afterthought. However, in the civilization of corporate genuine estate and workplace management, a tiny misaligned expertise of what “net area” way could potentially result in catastrophic after-effects and costs.

“Great things take place when the human being agrees.” —International company for Standardization

What are standardisation organisations?

As globalisation connects people, businesses, and also cities about the world, one of the challenges of international organization is laying a common groundwork because that understanding. Beside the worldwide Organisation for Standardization, or ISO, there room several other organisations that publish indict on valuation standards. Some, like European requirements (EN) and The European team of Valuers’ Associations (TEGOVA), publish standards embraced and approved for use across an economic an ar such together the european Union. Others, such together the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) and the Asociación Española de Oficinas (AEO), operate with the details aim of promoting and defining activity in country-specific sectors like Germany and also Spain.

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Although their main aim is come eliminate obstacles to business and also trade, the different schools of standardisation which exist occasionally confound more than they enlighten. There most likely is no far better example that this in corporate actual estate 보다 the definition of “net area”: relying on which school of standardisation is employed, the same term deserve to be bring away to typical two really different concepts.

The difference in between EN and also BOMA standards

Since April 2012, the usage of the European typical EN 15221-6 has been causing obligation in the europe Union. Throughout the pond, the structure Owners and also Managers Association, BOMA because that short, is a federation of united state associations and global affiliates the have created a standard in addition to the American nationwide Standards academy (ANSI) to preserve floor measurement criter for property types such together office spaces. Together the top association for corporate real estate experts in the US, BOMA is work by numerous organisations based or headquartered in the US.

The european Standard: EN 15221-6

The european Standard provides the adhering to terms to measure up office space:

Gross floor area: The complete area that a building, calculation on a floor-by-floor basis, attached by the outer building’s external walls.Net floor area: Commonly likewise referred to as “net area”, the network floor area is obtained when the building area, or the outer walls the a building, is deducted from the pistol floor area. The an are contained within the net floor area drops into one of four categories:Technical area: These room the technological rooms, air shafts, and server rooms of a building.Circulation area: In layman’s terms, these are the walkways on an office floor. Amenity area: Amenity areas includes toilets and kitchens supplied by the tenants or occupants.Primary Area: Finally, this is the key usable area which offer to meet the function for i beg your pardon the structure is rented.The American standard: ANSI/BOMA Z65.1

BOMA standards for office space employ the adhering to definitions: 

Gross area: The full area that a building, calculation on a floor-by-floor basis, fastened by the outer building’s outer walls. (This is more or less the same definition as outlined by the european Standard.)Rentable area: The rentable area is acquired when every the building’s common locations such as elevator shafts and staircases space deducted indigenous the gun area. This is the area a landlord commonly rents out to a tenant, therefore its name.Usable area: The usable area is derived when every the spaces that offer every tenant in the building such together lobbies and also toilets are deducted native the rentable area. (Although occasionally, share the kitchen and toilet facilities with various other tenants can make points slightly an ext complicated, as the rented an are cannot it is in measured straight using the floorplan. In this scenarios, a common area aspect is commonly applied.)Circulation area: The ANSI/BOMA requirements make a suggest to further categorise circulation locations into either major or secondary circulation areas. Major circulation would certainly be the paths from the enntrance gate door come the kitchen area, desks, elevators, and toilets. Second circulation would certainly be the courses from workdesk to desk.Net area: Finally, the net area is derived when the primary and second circulation areas are deducted native the usable area.


EN vs BOMA room definitions

Herein lies where the main confusion originates from when it concerns talking around corporate real estate in an worldwide context. While the european Standard an interpretation of “net area” includes circulation area or walkways, by many American standards, “net area” walk not. Thus, as soon as two workplace supervisors look in ~ the very same building, how they define and also measure room depends completely on the criter they use.


EN 15221-6 vs ANSI/BOMA Z65.1EN (European Standard) defines net area as consisting of circulation area, or walkways.BOMA does not count circulation area in net area. Instead, circulation and also net area together kind the usable area.The EN an interpretation of network area is roughly comparable come BOMA’s meaning of rentable area, as both exclude the outer walls or building area of a building. However, there room still little differences between the two: BOMA also excludes vertical penetrations, or elevator shafts indigenous the rentable area.The BOMA an interpretation of network area is lot closer come EN’s definition of major area.

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So need to an organisation use EN 15221-6 or ANSI/BOMA Z65.1?

What adds come the man is that also within the exact same organisation, various offices may employ different measurement standards. A satellite office in Germany, because that example, might calculate their floor spaces using EN or the national German standard DIN, whilst the organisation’s headquarters might use ANSI/BOMA. A vocabulary slip-up when talking around “net area” have the right to mean a misunderstanding of thousands of thousands of square feet—or metres! Imagine what that might mean in expenses when misunderstanding the regards to a lease. 

When it involves talking around net area, circulation area, or any kind of other spaces, yes sir no conventional which is far better than the other. The most crucial thing to keep in psychic is to always clarify terminology and also measurement criter upfront.

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