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• growing your plants is a tedious task, however it must gain done. You should be extra cautious with the lot of water you include to her plants so that doesn’t hit 0-percent top top its meter. As soon as you’re finished adding some water to her plants, you’ll then have to wait till they’re totally grown.

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• You can skip the whole waiting part just by pushing the moment ahead on your mobile device. Once you head ago into the game and also get earlier into the harvesting part of her activities, your chosen plant have to be 100-percent grown.

• Make certain you have a adequate amount of water so you’ll it is in able to totally complete the growing procedure all in one shot. Once you readjust your time back to normal, you’ll still be in possession of your finished products.

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2. Invest in as countless Pots together Possible

• You have to make sure you spend your in-game cash on a bunch of pots. The much more pots you add to your collection, the more plants you’ll have the ability to grow all at the very same time.

• As lengthy as store a bunch the pots ~ above hand that’s filled with farming plants in progress, the quicker the price will be once it concerns your overall customer sales.

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3. Obtain to understand Your Customers and also How much Cash They’re ready to invest on your “Goods” provided that every potential client of her “goodies” has actually different qualities when it comes to their purchasing behaviors:

• Naomi – Model: 100% of the moment Naomi will decide to buy an ext after “rolling a joint.”

• Nancy – MILF following door: 100% of the moment Nancy from next door will certainly spring top top the chance for an up-sell, and also she pays an ext than the typical customer.

• Ultimator – Hardcore Partier: 100% of the moment Ultimator the all night partier will adjust his mind and also decide come purchase much more product. He’s not great at math, so periodically he’ll substantially overpay.

• Sandy – Cheerleader: 100% of the moment Sandy the cheerleader through a poor habit will certainly decide to buy more product after smoking. She doesn’t generally pay as lot as your various other customers, yet she’s certainly reliable.

• Lucy – Nurse: 50% of the time Lucy the nurse will rise her initial amount, sometimes doubling or tripling the amount.

• Ian – DJ: 50% of the time Ian will buy a tiny extra, the other fifty percent of the time he operation home since he forgot to revolve off his turntables.

• Bob – Rastaman: 25% of the moment Bob will certainly decide come buy more, and also when the does he typically increases the amount by a lot.

• Mike – Plumber: 25% of the moment Mike will certainly take you up on her offer and also decide to buy more.

• Lee – Mechanic: 25% of the moment Lee will certainly spring for a bigger amount after smoking cigarettes with you, but when the does rise his purchase it’s not by much.

• jane – Stripper: 10% of the moment Jane will opt because that a larger amount that product, purchase usually only by 1 or 2. Save in mind, it costs you 1 weed come smoke through a customer, for this reason don’t bother trying come upsell Jane.

• mary – Artist: 10% of the moment Mary will decide come buy one extra weed, making it not worth it to roll through her.

• Ryan – Unemployed: 10% of the moment Ryan will adjust his mind about the amount he desires to buy. However, he’s still her worst customer together he underpays and also never purchase a big amount of product.

4. Pay The Gangsters; If friend Don’t want To, simply Invest in a Safe

• once you get upgraded come level three, you’ll have to compete with the continuous threat ff gangsters who come to collect her profits. You should constantly make certain you have actually a stash of trusted cash prepared to deliver since these guys come at arbitrarily intervals. If friend don’t have a safe, then walk ahead and pay these dudes off before you acquire one. You don’t desire these gangsters to beat you down and also flush all your progression down the toilet every in one shot.

• If you’re exhausted of paying turn off the gangsters, perform yourself and favor and also get Lee to offer you a safe. The safe have the right to be provided to keep your goods so that once the gangsters arrive, you deserve to tell ’em to piss off. Lock can’t steal anything now that you’re items are for sure locked away.

• There’s a whole ‘nother method you have the right to keep those gangsters out of her stash. In ~ level 10, you’ll obtain the option to cop a shotgun from Mike. Execute this and you’ll get to specific some revenge ~ above the gangsters that when threatened friend time and time again.

• Lee’s the one who’s going to be marketing you the for sure you need. When he stop by the first time around, he’ll want $10,000 for it. Don’t cavern in and purchase it just yet. Wait for him come come around 2nd time and he’ll drop his selling price to $6,000. Currently BUY IT!

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5. Make certain You pay to keep That Cop Off your Back, Too

• local roughnecks aren’t the only ones knocking down your door for part cash. The crooked police officer in this game is simply as bad as them.

• when that one officer called Malone stop by and threatens to shut down your entire weed operation, salary him to stop him indigenous doing so. Your safe won’t save you here, therefore it’s finest to save him happy and off your instance with some cold cash.

• There’s a cool little technique that you’ll unlock which will certainly ward off the po-po and also keep your stash and cash intact. Once you struggle level 14, you’ll unlock the choice to acquisition Sandy’s personal panties. Buy them once you gain the chance since they’ll come in handy when Malone stop by. When he concerns collect part cash, call him to leave and he’ll just grab the panties. Who knew Malone to be such a perv?

6. Listen to the Punk absent Track while You’re offering Your difficult Icky

• once you cop the turntable and also a couple of records, you have the right to listen to music and increase the rate at i m sorry you choose up more experience.

• You must play the punk rock track a lot due to the fact that it large a pretty long time. Throughout the time it plays, sell some weed and also nab you yourself a pretty extra helping of EXP.

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7. Smoke v Your Customers before You Purchase whatever They’re Selling

• We’ve said you around what provides each customer much more comfortable in spending some dough on your goods and also some the the goods they sell.

• once they head over to your crib and you’ve unlocked the alternative to choose up every little thing item they’re looking come sell, smoke with them. You’ll get a considerable discount ~ above the product you’re around to pick up and add to her collection.

8. Ridge Up some Cash for the Lapdance Minigame You’ll operation Into

• You’re ultimately going to find yourself in one “interesting” situation. This instance is nothing much more than one “innocent” tiny lapdance.

• It payment off significantly when girlfriend successfully complete the lapdance encounter. You’ll acquire a huge EXP boost once it involves a close, for this reason make certain you have the funds to end up it by conserving up a healthy and balanced amount that bucks. This is among the few missions that grant you part much-needed EXP.

Head to the next page come learn exactly how to net part extra cash and what it takes to save the alien from nabbing all your stuff!

9. Take advantage of your Social Media Feeds in Order to Get more $$$

• This trick may annoy her non-mobile gaming friends, however it will save your in-game pockets full in the lengthy run.

• re-superstructure your development in the game through the normal social media web page (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) as much as 10 times per day come earn part extra cash bonuses.

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10. Store Some Weed on Deck for That distinct UFO Visit told players they must keep some extra greenery top top hand for an alien encounter that shows up when you’re at level 11:

• once the alien reflects up start at level eleven, he will steal all of your endure unless you profession your weed for experience. Conserve up a ton the weed and also then trade through him for a relatively quick way to level up, because he will trade you at a ratio of 1 exp for 3 weed. Usage the time-lapse cheat as abovementioned (setting the time ahead on your phone) to prosper a enormous amount the weed to profession to him.

If you have any type of extra tips and also cheats you’d like to add to other Weed Firm players, litter them in the comment section!