English baby Names Meaning:

In English infant Names the meaning of the name Darby is: Deer Park, indigenous the surname and also place surname Derby. Also 'Without envy.

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Gaelic infant Names Meaning:

In Gaelic infant Names the an interpretation of the name Darby is: complimentary man.

Irish infant Names Meaning:

In irish Baby names the an interpretation of the name Darby is: complimentary from envy. A derivitive that Diarmait. Darby and also Joan to be a committed elderly married couple originally depicted in a city or ballad that the 18th century.

Norse baby Names Meaning:

In Norse baby Names the definition of the name Darby is: indigenous the deer estate.

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American infant Names Meaning:

In American baby Names the definition of the surname Darby is: Deer Park, from the surname and place name Derby. Also 'Without envy.






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