What does Kasey mean?


▼ as a boys" name (also used much more regularly together girls" surname Kasey) is express KAY-see. That is of ireland origin, and the meaning of Kasey is "alert; vigorous". Variant of Casey. Also kind of Kasi.STARTS with Ka-




RELATED develops VIA CASEY Cace, Cacey, Case▲, Caycey

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Kosey, .. (female) Kasa, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSKasey Colter (K.C.), ..

How renowned is Kasey?

Kasey is a somewhat prominent an initial name for men (#1177 out of 1220, top 96%) and an even much more prominent surname because that both adults and children (#26035 out of 150436, height 17%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Kasey gone into the perform in 1960-1969 and reached its apex rank of #459 in the U.S. In 1991, and is in ~ #1985 currently. (2018 birth STATISTICS)



Which variation is better?

Prominent related creates of Kasey (#1985 VIA latest LIST) ranked in the top 2000 room Case (#506), Casey (#583) and also Kacey. Various other variants, favor Caycey, are hardly ever used. These develops of Kasey were at the apex of your popularity 28 years ago (AVERAGE #981) and also are now significantly less standard (#1268, ▼73.4%), with forms like Kasey coming to be somewhat outmoded. Case is the many chic name for newborns amongst these.

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Similar Names

Kasey▼ is pronounced an in similar way to Kacy, Kasee, Kasie, Kaycee, Kosi, Kwasi and also Kwassi. Other recommended sound-alike names room Baley, Caley, Carey▼, Dacey, Dahey, Daley, Darsey, Davey, Garey, Haley, Halsey, Hastey, Jacey, Jamey▼, Jamsey, Kade▲, Kaden, Kael, Kagen, Kaiser▲, Kale▼, Kaleb, Kalen, Kaley, Kamrey, Kane▲, Kapel, Karel, Karney, Karny (see Kearney), Kaseem, Kasim, Kason▲, Kasper, Kass, Kay▼, Kaye, Kayley, Kealey, Kelsey, Key, Kiley, Kinsey, Kobey, Kodey, Korey▼, Lacey, Macey, Massey, Maxey, Paley, Ramey, Ramsey and Tavey. This names often tend to be less frequently used 보다 Kasey.