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nephogram, nephograph, nephology, nephometer, nephoscope, nephr-, nephralgia, nephrectasis, nephrectomize, nephrectomy, nephrelcosis

Nephr- is a combining form used prefer a prefix an interpretation “kidney.” it is regularly used in clinical terms, particularly in anatomy and pathology.

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Nephr- comes from the Greek nephrós, definition “kidney, kidneys.” The Latin word because that kidney is rēnēs, yielding together English words together renal.

Nephr- is a variant of nephro-, which loses its -o- when an unified with words or word aspects beginning through vowels. Want to understand more? read our words That usage nephro- article.

An example of a word you may have encountered that features nephr- is nephrectomy.

Nephr-, together we’ve seen, means “kidney.” The combining kind -ectomy way “excision.” So, nephrectomy literally converts to “excision of the kidney.” throughout a nephrectomy, a surgeon clears one or both that the kidneys.

What room some native that use the combining type nephr-?

What are some other creates that nephr- may be typically confused with?

Be responsibility that numerous other words begin with neph- however aren’t making use of the full combining form nephr- to signify “kidneys,” such together nephew or nephanalysis. discover the connection in between nephew and also nepotism at our entries for the words.

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Break that down!

Put your knowledge of the meaning of nephr- come the test! The combining type –itis method “inflammation.” with that in mind, what go the condition nephritis involve?

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