a combining kind occurring in compound words that signify a condition of the blood, as mentioned by the early stage element: hyperemia.

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emetine, emetocathartic, emf, EMG, EMG syndrome, -emia, emic, emiction, emigrant, emigrate, emigration

The combining kind –emia is offered like a suffix to signify an abnormal blood condition, especially the presence of a specific kind of substance in the blood that reasons disease. The is supplied in countless medical terms, particularly in pathology.

The kind -emia ultimately originates from the Greek haîma, definition “blood.” Haîma is the very same Greek root that provides us the combining kind hemo- definition “blood,” as in hemoblast.

Variants the hemo- (and closely related come -emia) are haem-, haema-, haemo-, haemat-, haemato-, hem-, hema-, hemat-, and hemato-. Learn more about their details applications in ~ our Words that Use posts for the forms.

What room variants that -emia?

The assignment –aemia is a chiefly brother English different of -emia.

When combined with native or word facets ending v -p, -t, or -k, -emia becomes -hemia, together in thrombocythemia, or, in brothers English, -haemia (thrombocythaemia).

Examples the -emia

In pathology, anemia is a deficiency of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to organization in the body. This condition can an outcome in emotion weak and also having a pale color. Figuratively, anemia describes a absence of vitality or oomph, often showing up in that adjective form, anemic.

The very first part of the word, an-, means “not,” “without,” or “lacking.” The -emia part of the word, as we’ve seen, concerns blood. Anemia literally equates to “lacking blood.”

The native anemia comes from the Greek anaimía, which supplies the equivalent forms of an- and also -emia in the language.

What are some words that use the combining form -emia?

What room some other creates that -emia might be typically confused with?

Many various other words finish in the letter -emia, such together academia and also Bohemia, yet are not using it together a combining type to signify a blood condition. Research up on your wandering methods at our entries because that the words.

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Treating diabetes can result in hypoglycemia, the abnormally short level the glucose in the blood. Hypo- method “under, below normal.” Glyc- refers to “sugar” and also “glucose.” What go hypoglycemia literally analyze to?

How to usage -emia in a sentence

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n combining form
a united state variant that -aemia

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