People speak this when describing a literal, physics fight or a metaphorical fight. The analogy is obvious. If girlfriend fight tooth and also nail, you space fighting with every one of your fervor, scratching and also biting trying come win.

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Origin that Fight Tooth and Nail

This idiom dates earlier to the 1500s and comes indigenous the idea that fighting like a wild beast. Animals don’t have weapons, so they hit with every little thing that they’ve got: your teeth and also nails.

Charles Dickens famously offered the expression in David Copperfield (1850):

I gained at the tooth and also nail.

Examples of Fight Tooth and Nail

In this conversation, 2 high institution students space talking about a conflict championship that newly occurred.

Lisa: Hey! how was the debate? did you guys win?

Jackie: Unfortunately, no. We lost.

Lisa: five no! What happened? You males practiced extremely hard.

Jackie: i know, and we fought tooth and nail. Us tried as hard as us could, yet the team we were competing against was just too good. They to be a lot better than us. We never had actually a chance.

Lisa: i’m sorry come hear that.

Jackie: Thanks!

In the dialogue below, 2 friends space discussing just how one of lock recently had actually to hit a mugger.

Seth: Hey, Jimmy, room you okay? What occurred to your eye?

Jimmy: Is my black color eye that obvious? I thought the bruise had actually healed enough that no one would notice.

Seth: It’s tho pretty noticeable. To be you in a fight?

Jimmy: Some guys tried come mug me critical week. They want to take my wallet.

Seth: and they win you up to gain your money?

Jimmy: castle tried! there were just two the them, for this reason I combated them tooth and also nail to gain them to leaving me alone. It lastly worked! ns glad i have been taking martial arts classes because that a long time!

More Examples

This excerpt is about European politics.

This excerpt reflects a quote from a male running in an election.

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The expression to hit tooth and also nail means to use all one’s effort to win against someone or to overcome some problem.


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