Dr. Brian Pollmann is the hospitalist because that Hutchinson Health. He focuses on cradle endoscopy and also some osteoporosis manipulation therapy. Pollmann is a member the the American osteopathic Association and also American university of Osteopathic family members Physicians. He characterized the prefixes and suffixes in our list, and also “unremarkable,” “negative,” and also “ablasion” v “biopsy.”

Jennifer Abfalter, MA, RN-ACNS-BC, is a professional practice and also patient experience director in ~ Meeker Memorial Hospital in Litchfield. She characterized the state “calcifications” through “intubate” in this story. Together a resource, she turned to “Mosby’s thesaurus of Medicine, education & wellness Professions. Mosby’s education Consult, 2014 Elsevier.”


Dr. Tyler Helland is a family medicine doctor who join Glencoe regional Health services in October. He’s likewise an assistant soccer coach in ~ Lester Prairie High School. He characterized the terms in the latter portion of our story, indigenous “lesion” to “transcutaneous.”

Does your medical professional use indigenous you nothing understand? Feel like you have to run for a dictionary every time girlfriend visit the clinic?

To make feeling of this words, us asked for help from three local medical experts. They provided us through the following definitions.

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So the next time girlfriend visit the clinic or hospital, you’ll recognize the difference in between chronic and acute, and you i will not ~ confuse an unfavorable with palliative.

And if you room still confused, nothing hesitate come ask your health treatment provider come explain any kind of term. That or she wants you to know as lot as you desire or must know. The all component of the patient-provider partnership.

Hyper-: simply as you think of your neighbor’s children, the very same goes because that medicine. Also much! also fast!

-itis: usually refers come inflammation or swelling. Often entails infection of part kind, however not necessarily. Examples: tonsillitis, appendicitis, diverticulitis

-plasty: Think plastic surgery. This way to mold, change, graft or form a specific component of the body. A nose project is known as a rhinoplasty.

Negative: commonly referring to a medical test. Generally means that the check did not find anything abnormal.

Ablasion: come ablate or destroy! deserve to involve electricity, lasers (pew pew), or heat. This is provided as a means to ruin abnormal or abnormally functioning tissue.

Acute: A descriptive hatchet that refers to the time of a medical condition. Acute is new or happening appropriate now. Sore throats, influenza, and also bleeding are examples of acute illness.

Arrythmia: Technically characterized as a lack of heart rhythm (we really don’t shock because that this, no issue what they show on TV), in practice it is supplied to define an abnormal heart rhythm (dysrhythmia).

Asymptomatic: absence of symptoms. That is regularly used in the paper definition of a patient having a problem, however not having any symptoms.

Benign: This one has actually mixed meanings in medicine. Most regularly used when talking about a biopsy gift non-cancerous.

Biopsy: taking a piece of organization to look at under a microscope. A biopsy isn’t simply used to look because that cancer. The is also helpful in other problems as well.

Calcifications: Calcifications room the buildup of calcium salts in ours bodies. Normally, calcium is uncovered in ours bones and teeth, and in little amounts in our blood. When a buildup of calcium wake up in places it shouldn’t, favor our kidneys or lungs, it can interfere v normal body organ function.

Chronic: A chronic problem is miscellaneous that has actually been walk on because that a long while, and will likely impact a person for the rest of his/her life. Chronic is the contrary of acute, which means an abrupt or sudden onset.

Comorbidity: A comorbidity is 2 or more medical conditions existing at the very same time. For example, you may have a damaged ankle with a comorbidity of diabetes.

Complete blood count: A complete blood counting or CBC is a usual blood test and is often ordered as a screening test because that bleeding, infection and also many various other conditions. A CBC steps the red blood cell and white blood cell counts in the blood.

Diagnosis of exclusion: not all illness or problems can be found by having a test, such together an x-ray or blood test. In part cases, the provider will look for all feasible causes of a symptom, and if naught is found, a “diagnosis that exclusion” is made. In various other words, that a diagnosis reached by the process of eliminating all other feasible causes.

Diuretic: A diuretic is a drug that is offered to aid the human body rid itself of fluid by urination. Occasionally medical problems such as heart failure cause our bodies to store too lot fluid. A diuretic will attract out the fluid from the tissues, come the kidneys where it leaves the body together urine.

Edema: Edema is the swelling and also buildup of fluid in ours tissues. Edema have the right to be brought about by countless different conditions. Edema causes our skin to stretch, swell and weaken.

Efficacy: Efficacy is the ability of a drug or test to obtain the an outcome desired. In various other words, efficacy explains how fine something works.

Embolism: an embolism is a serious problem when the blood circulation in our ship becomes clogged by an embolus. There space different species of embolus, such as air, fluid, or gas. Another kind of embolus is a tiny blood clot the breaks loose from one part of the body, and travels come the brain or lungs.

Hematoma: A hematoma is as soon as blood collects in the human body tissues or in an organ. The bleeding might stop ~ above its own from a buildup that pressure, however a hematoma or tough lump may remain for a period of time.

Hyperplasia: Hyperplasia is as soon as the body cells go into “overdrive” and produce more cells than space needed.

Iatrogenic: Iatrogenic is a problem or problem that is resulted in by a clinical procedure, clinical staff person, or by exposure at a clinical facility.

Intubate: The placement of a distinct tube right into the body, most frequently an airway pipe to aid with breathing.

Lesion: This is a general term we use to explain a structure abnormality. Sometimes we use this word if us think miscellaneous is abnormal but we space unsure what exactly it is. It can be a mole or a skin mark. It can be a bang under the skin or a tumor. It can be a polyp in the colon or within the abdomen.

Metastasize: This method to spread. Most frequently we use this word once we talk about cancers. For circumstances a lung cancer starts v an abnormal growth in the lung, however if that is left to flourish on its own it will eventually get in the blood stream or lymphatic system and spread to a different part of the body. This is a an extremely important change point because that cancers. When a cancer is uncovered to be only in the body organ it started in, the is more likely that it deserve to be taken the end with surgical treatment or damaged with chemotherapy or radiation. After ~ a cancer has spread to various other parts of the body (metastasized) it i do not care much much less likely that it will ever before be cured, though frequently there are treatments, namely chemotherapy, that have the right to be used to sluggish the growth down.

Necrosis: Necrosis method the fatality of tissue. This happens mostly due to a absence of blood supply. For instance an epidemic that eats away typical tissue will certainly sometimes destroy the blood supply and also leave dead organization in the infected area. One more example is a tumor the grows so large or quick that the blood supply can’t keep feeding it all through nutrients that needs. Together a tumor will certainly actually die in parts of the center and become necrotic. This is an important process that we have the right to use in diagnosing disease. For instance a mammogram for breast cancer screening is one X-ray test of the breast that is actually in search of very tiny and subtle locations of at an early stage necrosis of a breast tumor. When a small part of the breast tumor die it pipeline behind part calcium that have the right to be watched on the mammogram.

Nodule: A nodule is a lump or a bump. Over there are number of different species that can take place in different areas of the body. A pulmonary nodule is a little lump viewed in the lungs on a CT scan or X-ray. A cutaneous nodule is a bump under the skin.

Noninvasive: Sometimes medical treatments or exam are required which go into the body, for example a surgery. This interventions room riskier in the they may cause some damage to normal locations of the body simply by having actually the procedure done and also are stated to be invasive. Non-invasive points shouldn’t reason direct damage just by act the check or treatment, choose an ultrasound or X-ray or a medication.

Occlusion: Occlusion means that the flow through a pipe gets reduced off or plugged up. Think of this choose a drainpipe pipe in the kitchen sink acquiring clogged up. If one occlusion happens in the coronary arteries, the blood flow to the heart, the is a heart attack. Similar to the clogged drainpipe pipe in the sink, the treatment is to try to open the clogged-up component and regain the flow. Occlusions can occur in any type of of the tubular frameworks in the body favor the intestine or airway, but most frequently we typical blockage that a blood vessel.

Palliative: Palliative way a therapy that is expected to improve life but isn’t meant to cure the an illness or also to make life last longer. This is crucial word to understand, especially when we are talking around cancer. Occasionally a therapy for a cancer is able come cure the an illness and get rid of it forever. Other times a treatment is plan to do the cancer flourish slower so that doesn’t cause problems however won’t remove the cancer. This goes ago to the idea the after a cancer metastasizes that is often not curable. A good example that a palliative therapy is radiation therapy for a cancer that has actually spread come a bone and causing a the majority of pain. Radiation might be able do that part of the tumor shrink and cause less pain, yet ultimately won’t cure the cancer.

Pathogen: This is other that reasons an infectious disease. Pathogens are usually viruses and bacteria that get in the body and cause an infection, usually v the respiratory tract, the skin, the urinary system, or the intestine. There are millions of good bacteria that live on our skin and in our intestines the don’t reason harm and also can even aid with digestion. Those bacteria space not pathogens as they room not leading to problems.

Pathology: Pathology is a ar in medication which focuses on using miscellaneous tests to number out if a sample taken turn off a human being is typical or abnormal and what the abnormality is. When we talk around sending for circumstances a skin sample come pathology, what we room doing is sending out off a item of skin that we have actually removed to a specialist that works in a laboratory who can look in ~ the cells in good detail with a microscope or other special test to figure out specifically what the abnormality is, if the is a mole or a skin cancer or some other type of problem.

Psychotropic: This is a an extremely general term come mean any medication or medicine which impacts or alters the brain’s chemistry in such a way that can alter the brain’s perception of reality. There are multiple varieties of drugs that have the right to do this. It have the right to be harmful if supplied to gain high, for instance LSD or various other street drugs. In medication we periodically use safer creates of psychotropic drugs to treat serious psychological illnesses such together schizophrenia or psychosis, in which we are altering a disturbed tardy of truth to get earlier to a much more normal perception of reality.

Sarcoma: This means a tumor the grows from among the middle layers of the body (such together the bone, cartilage, muscle, fat), quite than the lining components of the human body (skin, bladder, lung intestine) which are dubbed adenomas.

Sclerosis: Sclerosis means stiffening. Athero-sclerosis method stiffening of blood vessels. Sclero-derma method stiffening of component of the skin. There are various types of abnormal stiffening that can happen in various parts the the body and also cause problems.

Somatic: normally we talk about somatic in regards to psychiatry. A psycho-somatic pain for instance would it is in a pain the is coming because that a misinterpretation that the signals of the mind rather 보다 an really damage part of the body. This is an overwhelming for modern medicine to recognize in general. That is simple to understand how a broken bone would reason your brain to understand that over there is ache in that part of the body. It isn’t as easy to understand why there is pain taken by your mind without injury or damages going on. To the person with psychosomatic pain, the pain is really real also without injury due to the fact that the brain gets the last say, and if the brain thinks there is pain, the hurts.

Stenosis: Stenosis method narrowing. Where occlusion method totally reduced off, stenosis is narrowed yet not completely cut off. Favor occlusion this refers to tubular frameworks in the body such as blood vessels. A stenotic carotid artery is a narrowing in the blood vessel going come the brain, which can an outcome in reduced blood flow. In some instances stenosis have the right to over time become an ext advanced and also turn in come an occlusion, whereby a limitation in flow can be turning into no flow at all. In miscellaneous circumstances depending on where the stenosis is, it have the right to sometimes be corrected to help open things ago up and improve flow.

Thrombosis: Thrombosis means a gerean inside a blood vessel the is prevent blood flow. An instance of this is a blood gerean in the leg, i beg your pardon we speak to a deep venous thrombosis. A thrombosis or blood clot that happens in the mind arteries is a stroke. There are numerous treatments for thrombosis depending upon where in the human body it occurs.

Topical application: This is talking around the use of a medication or treatment placed right on the influenced area. Usually when we say topical us are an interpretation that that is come be supplied on the skin. For acne there room topical treatments that are placed right ~ above the skin. Over there are also pills the you can take to assist acne, which would certainly not be a subject treatment also though the disorder is of the skin.

Toxicity: Toxicity way that there is unintended damage to otherwise normal components of the body. The dosing of medicine that we usage to treat many disorders is draft to be the right amount to help the disorder get far better without doing damage to typical or unaffected parts of the body. Pretty lot every medication the I have the right to think of can be toxicity if provided inappropriately or in very high doses. Even over-the-counter pain and fever medication prefer ibuprofen, which can be really beneficial if taken correctly can cause damage, or toxicity, come the kidneys if taken in really high doses.

Transcutaneous: Transcutaneous is a mix of two words. Trans means through. Cutaneous means skin. A transcutaneous procedure or treatment simply way that that is going through the skin to obtain to one of the deeper structures. A transcutaneous injection goes v the layers of the skin. A transcutaneous pace an equipment is an electric shock applied to the surface ar of the skin that travels through the skin and also on come the heart wherein the signal can cause the heart to beat.

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