to increase and then decrease over time according to size, number, stamin or intensity


Related words and also phrases:

alternative, ebb and also flow, an excellent and poor times, peaks and also valleys, systole and also diastole, ups and downs

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Two colleagues space talking ...

Colleague 1: ns don't know why mine sales numbers space so variable. Because that a time, ns seem to be doing really well and also then my numbers fall and also there is a yes, really slow duration and climate my numbers will pick increase again. I am no doing anything differently but my numbers keep cycling.

Colleague 2: Don't worry. That is the nature of the company we are in. You space not law anything wrong. Everyone's sales figures wax and also wane according to particular market problems that are past our control. Simply save money when sales are high and then use your savings once things room not for this reason good.

Idiom script 2

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Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: exactly how long has actually it been since you moved your family members to the country?

Friend 2: It has been nearly two year now.

Friend 1: and also are you enjoying country living?

Friend 2: ns love it. The speed is much slower and also I have been able come relax a lot and also enjoy nature. I have developed the habit of sitting on the porch in ~ night and just staring in ~ the moon and stars. The is really interesting to clock the moon together it waxes and also wanes over the food of that is twenty-eight day cycle. When the moon is full, I deserve to actually watch it spreading shadows in the earlier yard but when the is a brand-new moon, it is absolutely key dark in the yard.

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to wax and also wane - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 377

to wax and also wane - Gerund Form:

Waxing and waning, the suppliers sales ongoing to cycle from very good to negative to very great again.

to wax and wane - Examples:

1) ... Carry out not have actually matching challenges or opportunities. The politics fortunes of premiers wax and wane according to provincial pressures, not national ones.

2) if pricing may wax and wane like various other commodities, diamonds are thought about sound long-term investments.

3) Guided through the omnipresent swinging pendulum clock, we watch the personalities wax and wane between what they feel and how they have to act.

4) ... That levels that the XPA protein -- i m sorry repairs damages to DNA -- wax and wane throughout the day and seem come be regulated by the human body clock.

5) ... Follow death as surely together sunrise will follow sunset and also the moon will certainly wax and wane.

6) ... Has tendency to persist long-term. However, the severity the symptoms often tends to wax and wane and you may have actually long spells without any symptoms, or with just mild symptoms ...

7) One or much more joints might become an especially badly affected. # Symptoms often wax and wane. Sometimes this is pertained to things such as the weather.

8) ... Light and also dark, active and passive. Yin and Yang wax and wane v cosmic time and also make increase the potentiality of the person condition.

9) ... In which organizational support may wax and wane, and also where the exigencies of plan changes, budget cuts and also differential leadership may ...

10) The problem with voc courses is that economic sectors wax and wane. A level in tourism and hospitality is fine till the money fluctuates or the ...

11) population size might wax and wane as resources and economies grow and also shrivel, lot like contemporary Detroit.

12) ... I m sorry erupted in might this year appears to wax and wane through a cycle of around 140 years.

13) A sequence of businesses have actually subsequently operated right here as the suburb has actually waxed and waned end decades.

14) I chose it to be time. My reign had waxed and waned, however now, the peaks felt far gone.

15) ... And also while the fortunes of individual players have waxed and waned over the years, and also this is reflected in their changing individual duties in the ...

16) since the early part of the twentieth century Wattle Day has actually waxed and waned; not all states observed it and the day varied locally.

17) ... The populace of this ar waxed and waned through the 20th century, v migration patterns significantly influenced by worldwide economic and political ...

18) The Church has actually a long background of anti-Judaism and also anti-Semitism which has waxed and waned, ns think, follow to the cultural and society dominances the the day.

19) nurses came and went, and my are afraid waxed and waned in sync through the gradually increasing boluses that IV morphine.

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20) throughout the adhering to decades and also centuries Romes fortunes waxed and waned, prior to finally crumbling.