Some of my friend speak I asked them exactly how to say "I love you" in their language, but most the them stated "wa ai lo" no "wo ai ni", how have the right to this be?

I look for google translate, it says "wo ai ni" and also not "wa ai lo".

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Am I missing something here?



Here"s a list of how to speak "I love you" in numerous languages:

Mandarin, Beijing: Wo ai ni

Mandarin, Southwest: Ngo ngai ni

Minnan, Taiwan: Gua ai li

Wu, Shanghai:

(1) Ngu oi nong

(2) Ngu huoe-xi nong

Hakka, Meizhou:

(1) Ngai ai ngi

(2) Ngai jung yi ngi

Yue, Canton:

(1) Ngo oi nei

(2) Ngo jung yi nei

The word because that "love" in the 2nd variant in Wu is "歡喜"; in the second variant of Hakka and Yue that is "中意". Castle are thought about somewhat much less serious than "愛".



If the or SHE originates from Mainland that China, then you have to say "WO AI NI". "WO AI NI" is a Mandarin / Han Yu.

If that or SHE use Hokkien (Hokkian) and also from Indonesia (mostly native Medan city) or Singapore or Malay, climate I imply you come say "WA AI LO".

WA = ns / me AI = love / want (to) LO = friend

Some speak of Hokkien ( Medan, Indonesia version ) :

Wa ai lo. way : i love girlfriend / I desire you.

Wa ai khi. means : I want to go

Lo hokkien esai ? method : deserve to you speak Hokkien ?

Lo ciak liao boi ? Wa ciak hamik. method : have actually you eat(breakfast/lunch/dinner) ? I"m currently eat(breakfast/lunch/dinner).

Ce / No / Sa / Si / Nggo / Lak / Jit / Pek / Kao / Cap method : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

PS: sometimes I usage this for conversations through my friend (from Medan, Indonesia).

Hope this assist ^o^

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Sidhi CiangSidhi Ciang
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I think "wa ai lo" is Wu, a dialect used in Shanghai and also Zhejiang,because dialects very different from every other. And as far as i know, just Wu pronunce "ni" with the collection "o".

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Yangzhe LauYangzhe Lau
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I"m a indigenous, I understand the appropriate pronunciation is 我(wǒ)爱(ài)你(nǐ). Perhaps your girlfriend are discovering 粤语 or 广东话, the China official language is simplified the is 普通话。

Here is a pic

I"m really happy deserve to make English friend here.

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Mengdi Gao
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All speakers deserve to understand "wo ai ni" when only couple of in specific areas can understand "wo ai lo", because "wo ai lo" is dialect.

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leeanna wooleeanna woo
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How about listening to this song sung in Hokkien / Fujian dialect where the "Gua ai li" is anywhere the place.

As because that "Wa ai lo or lu", can it be the product the a historical "mixture" the the Hokkien dialect with the native Malay language due to the fact that if you Google interpret "Lu" indigenous Malay come you gain 你们

If you go to Malaysia or Indonesia, (where a sizable Hokkien population could be found), you will find many "Hokkien" indigenous which have no indistinguishable in Fujian district itself.

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Wayne CheahWayne Cheah
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"Wo ai ni" is right, when "lo" is a dorn pronunciation in Friend cannot find "lo" in Mandarin. Keep in mind that wa ai lo is dialectal.

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