One Piece: Luffy's 10 best Uses the Haki Haki can be a an effective asset in battle, and also Luffy has definitely made great use of that on multiple occasions throughout the series.

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Luffy Haki Powers
The principle of Haki was properly introduced in One Piece right prior to the two-year time skip as soon as Rayleigh began training Luffy in the methods of this power. Just put, Haki is a strength that permits anyone that wields to manifest your spirit and use that in particularly ways. For example, it can be provided to improve sensory perception, assault or defend versus enemies, or overwhelm others.

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After mastering the basics the Haki, Luffy has actually gone on come make an excellent use that this strength in the story and also has had several moments wherein his Haki usage has shone.

Luffy went back to Sabaody Archipelago after perfect his maintain in order to reunite with his crew and also sail come the new World. V the navy expecting your arrival, the island to be laden through soldiers and Pacifista that were partially responsible for beating the crew prior to the time skip.

To showcase his brand-new abilities, Luffy manages to take down one of them v a single Haki-enhanced punch.

The Fishman Island arc witnessed Luffy take it on his first difficulty after the moment skip in Hody Jones and also his crew. In ~ his disposal were 100,000 Fishmen all set to attack Luffy. In an remarkable demonstration of how far he"d come after the time skip, Luffy offered his Conqueror"s Haki come knock the end 50,000 of them without also lifting a finger.

Even someone as strong as Hody couldn"t help but feel the intensity of Luffy"s willpower. Due to the fact that then, Luffy"s Conqueror"s Haki has become several times stronger.

In One Piece"s Punk risk arc, Luffy came challenge to face with Caesar Clown, the main antagonist of the arc who was responsible because that doing vile experiment on children.

Caesar"s biggest power was his Logia type Devil Fruit that allowed him to create, manipulate, and also become gas at will. With his Armament Haki, Luffy quickly bypassed his defenses and defeated him with a Grizzly Magnum.

7 once Luffy provided The strength Of equipment Fourth: Bounceman come Beat Doflamingo

Luffy Activates gear Fourth
Gear 4th is the strongest type that Luffy has actually up his sleeve appropriate now and it relies greatly on the intake of Haki. To accomplish this form, Luffy blows air into his muscles and also uses Haki to contain that to rise the tension.

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This power proved to be solid enough to loss Doflamingo without any far-ranging trouble whatsoever. The final move, called the King Kong Gun, witnessed Luffy release a powerful attack come send Doflamingo crashing right into the ground.

Another form of gear Fourth, Tankman to be used against General Cracker the the large Mom Pirates, a male with a bounty that 860 million berries on his head.

Even despite Cracker had actually incredibly powerful Haki himself, Luffy"s gear Fourth and also Haki permitted him to break with it effortlessly. Eventually, the strength of Tankman"s Haki was provided to send Cracker flying every the method to Sweet City.

5 when Luffy witnessed The Future versus Katakuri & beat Him

Luffy"s fight versus Charlotte Katakuri was probably his hardest test till that suggest in the story. Not only did this fight check his physical stamin but also his psychological strength. Luffy"s consumption of observation Haki was key in this fight and he managed to take it it come the following level by observing Katakuri.

By the end of the fight, his monitoring Haki to be rivaling Katakuri"s, and also that played a massive role in his success over the Sweet Commander.

Luffy"s usage of Future sight wasn"t the only thing that enabled him to victory over Katakuri. It was the mix of his Future Sight and Snakeman, a new kind of Gear fourth that permitted him to usage his rate to the maximum.

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The uniqueness of equipment Fourth allowed Luffy to combine his evil one Fruit through his Haki, and the tension developed from compression raised his speed to give also Katakuri trouble.

3 when Luffy broke The Explosive Neck ring In Wano country Arc

After shedding to Kaido, Luffy was thrown in Udon prison where Queen to be tasked through breaking under his indomitable spirit. In an occasion called the Sumo Inferno, Luffy was forced to fight because that his life and also protect Hyougoro in ~ the exact same time, every the if wearing explosive neck rings.

By tapping right into the strength of Ryou, he controlled to ruin the neck rings from the inside and also ultimately went on to take over Udon.

Luffy and also Kaido ultimately came face-to-face because that their final fight ~ above the rooftop that the Onigashima castle. After having actually learned Ryou to damage others indigenous the inside, Luffy had the ability to hurt Kaido with straightforward Haki-based attacks.

Seeing Kin"emon and also the scabbards injured, Luffy unleashed his fury on Kaido with a Red Roc, making him bleed and also putting him off his feet before proceeding come unleash the rage of Gear 4th on him.

1 as soon as Luffy Knocked Kaido Down v Conqueror"s Haki

after Kaido entered his hybrid form, the struggle tipped in his favor and Luffy was knocked out with his Ragnaraku easily. It to be at this moment, interestingly, that Luffy figured out the cheat behind making use of Conqueror"s Haki come its best effect.

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By imbuing his attacks with Conqueror"s Haki, Luffy was conveniently able to damages Kaido and also leave serious injuries. This is, by far, his best Haki feat in the story.

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