Virtually every food consists of nucleic acids, so over there is no purpose and no benefit from stating this truth on nutrition labels.

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What sort of food do you think doesn"t have nucleic acid (DNA and also RNA)?

All life things room made of cells.

All cell come native pre-existing cells by transmitting nucleic acids indigenous the parent cell to the brand-new cell.

That way that every food that we derive indigenous a living point is chock complete of nucleic acids in every one of its cells.

All food from plants and also animals is made of cells, and also every one of those cells has actually a cell core containing DNA and RNA.

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains -- they room all made completely of cells, with nucleic mountain in all the nuclei the all your cells.

It isn"t coherent to compose this truth on nutrition labels since no animal or plant experiences a deficiency of nucleic acids.

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#color(white)(mmmmmmm)#Foods that execute not contain main point acids

There room some things which we frequently ingest that never ever were obtained from living things in the an initial place: • Water • Salt • Soda pop

Some things are the assets of living things, however not exactly made that cells. They have actually only tiny amounts of DNA, or just a few accidentally-introduced nuclei.• Milk• Dairy products such as butter and yogurt• Eggs• Broth• Honey• oriental birds" swarm soup• Blood (When fully developed, the red blood cells of mammals carry out not have a nucleus, but the red blood cells of birds retain a nucleus also when mature.)

There are various other things that possibly may no longer have actually nucleic acids since of over-processing:• Jell-O• Fruit roll-ups• clear jelly• Kool-Aid• Chewing gum• part candy• refined sugars and also starches such as white flour

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I"ve checked out bottles in the drugstore labeled

"#DNA#" or "#"Nucleic Acid"#"


But these space swindles, so don"t offer them any type of of your money.This particular product costs almost $20.

Notice that this label from the earlier of the bottle says "Daily values room not established."