We"re right here to debunk the reports the Professor Ivy native the Pokémon anime to be a lesbian, and also not why Brock left her.

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there are numerous unanswered mysteries from the old days of the Pokémon anime that persist come this day, yet there space false reports turn that insurance claim that among them has actually been solved. We"re here to debunk the reports the Professor Ivy from the Pokémon anime to be a lesbian, i m sorry is why Brock left her and also returned come Ash"s side.

The hold-up of Pokémon gold & Silver required the Pokémon anime to incorporate a filler season. This brought about the production of the Orange islands arc, where Ash contended in the Orange League and also claimed his first major win as a Pokémon Trainer. The was during this story arc the Brock left the show, together he made decision to continue to be with the beautiful Professor Ivy on Valencia Island. Brock later on returns to Ash and also he never discusses why points never worked out with Professor Ivy. This has led come a number of theories end the years, but no definitive reason has ever before been given.

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several websites have reported the this decades-old Pokémon mystery has an answer. A Twitter user claimed that Takeshi Shudo confirmed Professor Ivy to be a lesbian in the Pokémon novels or his main blog, which people have taken as gospel without researching further.

Takeshi Shudo wrote two Pokémon novels, which concentrated on fleshing the end his vision of the Pokémon world. Pan translations of these novels deserve to be discovered online and there room no mentions that Professor Ivy in either book. The story only gets as much as the battle against Lt. Surge before concluding and it never ever comes nearby to reaching the Orange Islands.

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Takeshi Shudo walk have substantial blog, where he questioned plans for the Pokémon anime that never made it to the screen. In bespeak to uncover out more, we got to out come Dr. Lava ~ above Twitter. Dr. Lava has actually translated a variety of obscure piece of Pokémon media end the years and he has actually produced numerous excellent articles and videos on Pokémon lore. Dr. Lava has actually read Shudo"s blog in the past, and also he had never encountered any kind of mention of Professor Ivy"s sexuality. This isn"t miscellaneous that would certainly be conveniently missed, as it"s details that answers among the oldest mysteries the the Pokémon anime, and confirming (even unofficially) that the collection had an LGBTQ personality hiding in plain sight.

there is a reason why Brock left Professor Ivy, however it"s a meta one. The factor why Brock left the anime and was changed by Tracey was that the creators assumed his style might it is in racist. The creators that the Pokémon anime never ever expected it to come to be an worldwide success and also they grew concerned that Brock"s architecture could be regarded as racist, for this reason they brought Tracey in to change him. This led to a backlash native the fans and also Brock to be brought ago for the Johto seasons. The entire Professor Ivy case was brought about by a have to remove Brock indigenous the show and also to lug him back, which was turned into a running joke. The writers likely never believed that people would still be wondering about the mystery all these years later.

If conclusive proof the Professor Ivy is gay is presented, then we will gladly retract this article. Until then, we have the right to only conclude that this rumor only originates from the passionate of fans and is no backed by anything substantial.