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Mabel Monohan

Until I started researching the Mabel Monohan situation again for this series of posts, i was persuaded that Barbara Graham to be guilty the beating the widow; yet I’ve readjusted my mind.

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This is exactly how I think that went down.


Jack Santo, Emmett Perkins, Barbara Graham

Perkins, a married guy, was plainly smitten through Graham. When Barbara left she husband Henry and also her son Tommy she went to Emmett Perkins because that a place to stay. Perkins wasn’t lot to watch at, and also nobody ever claimed that he had actually a sparkling wit or a to win personality. He must have done a psychological dance of joy when he uncovered the attractive younger mrs on his doorstep. In the courtroom image he’s constantly seated alongside her, and his expression and body language speak volumes. If Graham had egged the on that night in ~ Monohan’s, the would have actually beaten the bad woman mercilessly, and also that’s exactly what I think happened.

Baxter Shorter’s statement put the gun the beat Mabel Monohan in Perkin’s hands, which provides a lot more sense come me 보다 John True’s assertion that it was Barbara that did the beating. The beating likely began as a way to get Mabel to offer up the place of the safe the the gang believed to be in the house.

Barbara was there that night only to obtain entry right into the house, i m sorry would have fit the paper definition of the time and the likely dynamic among the corridor members. No matter exactly how twisted, she was playing a woman’s role. Yet with the adrenaline rush that must have accompanied her success at obtaining the men into the house, i can conveniently visualize she screaming encouragement at Perkins — but standing earlier and letting him supply the blows.

Perkins may have actually been responsible for the beating, however I think that Barbara inserted the pillowcase end Mabel’s head due to the fact that she want to close up door the mrs up, and because she couldn’t was standing to look at the blood. Head wounds bleed copiously. Ns was puzzled about which member that the gang pulled the piece of cloth tight sufficient to asphyxiate Mabel, until I realized that it was most likely Barbara.

Perkins and also Santo to be killers, they’d currently murdered civilization in north California, so i don’t think they’d have actually hesitated to death Monohan fully — pulling a pillowcase over her head doesn’t to win me as something either of lock would have done. That leaves Shorter, True, or Graham. Shorter phoned because that an ambulance because that Mabel after castle left the house, so ns don’t do him for the killer. True was there to learn around safe cracking from Shorter, the would have actually stuck with him. I think the Emmett inflicted the beating, through Barbara at his side. I think she’s the one who pulled the pillowcase over Mabel’s head and suffocated her.

That renders Graham no guilty of the beating but responsible for Monohan’s death, the reason of i m sorry was determined to have been asphyxiation.


Barbara Graham’s hands.

Should Barbara Graham have actually been executed?

There’s for this reason much around her case that would be handled in different way now. It’s no clear the the false alibi idea initiated v Barbara. It appears that it was presented to her by Donna Prow and that she got at that believing it to be a lifeline. If the idea wasn’t hers, then i would speak to the false alibi system entrapment. It sweet heavily versus her with the jury who saw it together proof of her guilt, not of she desperation as she had said.

It is mine opinion that it was the mix of the false alibi and also Graham’s jailhouse romance v Donna Prow that put her in the gas chamber.



The circumstantial proof was, in my view, compelling enough to judge Perkins, Santo and also Graham of Mabel Monohan’s slaying; however, if there had never been a false alibi or if Barbara’s relationship with Donna hadn’t concerned light, ns think they would all have actually been sentenced to life.

I’m indulging in speculation, and without solid proof that’s all it deserve to be. I understand that there are people who will disagree v my conclusions; and also there are those who believe Barbara Graham to have actually been fully innocent in the Monohan case. I respectfully disagree.

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Barbara Graham surrounding by the press after receiving a death sentence.

The push surrounded Barbara Graham following the reading of the guilty verdict — she maintained her innocence speak that:

“I am chaste of this crime, ns swear come God i am innocent. I hope my infant drops dead if ns did it.

She hugged she 20 month year old son Tommy as he clutched a stuffed toy. Graham sobbed: “Tommy, Tommy, oh, mine baby”.


Graham was originally supposed to walk to fatality Row at mountain Quentin come await she execution, but budget plan cuts do it difficult to carry out enough female police officers to safety her. She ended up being transferred come the women’s prison in Corona.

Baxter Shorter’s mother, Cora, readily available financial aid to Barbara’s three kids if she would certainly tell what had happened come Baxter. Barbara’s reply: “The male in the moon should know an ext about him than I do.”

Baxter much shorter has never been found. The was asserted legally dead in 1960.

On June 2, 1955 Barbara Graham was gotten rid of from Corona and transferred to mountain Quentin because that execution — she time was collection for 10:00 a.m. Santo and Perkins were scheduled for a pair of hrs later. It was going to be ladies first.

The auto with Barbara handcuffed in the backseat arrived at San Quentin in the wee hours of the morning. She was required to the cabinet from i beg your pardon she’d take her last walk.

Her last few hours were a choreographed dance that despair.

Graham remained in a holding cell praying v Father McAlister when he claimed to her, “It’s time”. Together McAlister and also Graham were heading the end of the stop tank the phone call rang for Warden Teets, the was branch Knight. The execution had been delayed.

Barbara collapsed and nearly had to it is in carried ago to the cot in the hold cell.

About 20 minutes later on the call rang again, it was the governor for Warden Teets. The told him to walk ahead with the execution.

Barbara was brought to she feet and also escorted to the entrance of the gas chamber. The phone call rang a third time and she to be drawn back from the brink. She said: “I can’t take it this. Why didn’t they permit me go at ten. I was all set to walk at ten.”

This time the condemned mrs was required to a tiny office surrounding to the gas chamber.

Twenty minutes more passed. Barbara to be sobbing: “Why execute they torture me prefer this?’ The factor for the ago and forth was that her attorney was desperately attempting to conserve her life, and the last minute legitimate wrangling made for a hellish pair of hours.

The phone call rang because that a fourth and final time. Barbara couldn’t bear come look at the witnesses bordering the gas chamber and also she begged because that a blindfold. Among the matrons had a sleep mask.

Barbara Graham was the just person ever before to ask because that a blindfold because that the gas chamber.

Barbara’s last words were: “Good world are always so certain they’re right.”

Joe Feretti, one of the the males in fee of she execution, strapped Barbara right into the gas chamber and gave her some advice. He told she to take it a deep breath and also it would certainly go easier and quicker because that her. Barbara responded: “How the hell would certainly you know?”

About ten minutes later on Barbara Graham was pronounced dead.

A couple of hrs later Jack Santo and Emmett Perkins saw their deaths in the exact same gas chamber v very tiny fuss and no drama. It to be reported that the two men chatted amiably together they to be strapped in come their particular chairs, and when lock were prepared to go Perkins allegedly said to the assembled cops: “Now don’t friend boys perform anything i wouldn’t do.”

Barbara’s trial had actually been standing room only, yet her funeral was sparsely attended. Henry Graham drove increase to northern California because that the funeral, yet he left their kid Tommy at home.

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Barbara Graham is hidden at Mt. Olivet Cemetery

NEXT: Some last thoughts the case.

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