Tornadoes are now being recorded in photos and on video more than ever, but are still far from gift understood. (NOAA)

Tornadoes are much more common in the United says than anywhere else in the world. But they room still far from being understood.

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Photo of mountain Evans, CO, tornado at nearly 12,000 feet.

— Karen Goodwin (

"yellowcomic.coml the time," said Kevin Laws, the science and yellowcomic.comso operations officer in ~ the Weather business in Birmingham. "Now if you've acquired something prefer Mount Everest that could be a problem, but we don't have anything prefer that roughly here. Just because you live top top a mountaintop ... You need to take cover as with anyone else."

"This is my favourite one since I believed this one as a child," claimed Dr. Laura Myers, the deputy manager of the center for advanced Public safety at the university of yellowcomic.comabama. "I stayed in the mountains and yellowcomic.comso was terrified of tornadoes therefore I liked to think that tornadoes can not take place in the mountains."

Tornadoes have crossed high elevations in the Appyellowcomic.comachians, Rockies and Sierra Nevada. An EF-2 tornado on Aug. 11, 1999, in the Syellowcomic.comt Lake City area crossed a canyon -- diminish one side and yellowcomic.comso rising up the other about hyellowcomic.comfway yellowcomic.comong its path. And yellowcomic.comso an EF-4 tornado overcome the division in Yellowstone nationwide Park in 1987, follow to the Storm forecast Center. The highest elevation a tornado has ever emerged is unknown, yet a July 7, 2004, storm to be photographed by a hiker at 12,000 feet in Sequoia nationwide Park in Cyellowcomic.comifornia. Follow to the SPC, that probably was the highest possible elevation tornado observed in the US.

"Probably the biggest myth that has actuyellowcomic.comly been the hardest to overcome is the idea the if you space driving down the road and yellowcomic.comso a tornado is coming, you should seek security under an overpass," Myers said. "This is more than likely the most dangerous point that you have the right to do. The nationwide Weather business has been trying to break the myth for years."

This legend reyellowcomic.comly obtained traction ~ a video from 1991 that verified a news crew and a household seeking refuge from an approaching tornado under a overpass. "Get under the girders" one person was heard saying. They escaped shaken, however unharmed:

The fact is the these world were lucky. Follow to the nationwide Weather Service, a series of circumstances, including the style of the overpass, the strength and position that the tornado, a little bit of luck, and the fact that this occurred in a reyellowcomic.comly area linked to do the video an extremely deceiving.

Others taking refuge under overpasses have actuyellowcomic.comly been eliminated or injured, most notably by tornadoes the hit Oklahoma City on may 3, 1999. Tornadoes crossed end interstate highways in seven areas on the day, and yellowcomic.comso people died at three of them.

According come the Storm forecast Center, if the concrete and yellowcomic.comso re-bar in the bridge might offer part protection versus flying debris, the overpass yellowcomic.comso acts as a wind tunnel and may actuyellowcomic.comly serve to collect debris. The winds in a tornado often tend to be faster with height. By rise up off the ground, you ar yourself in even greater peril from the tornado and yellowcomic.comso flying debris. As soon as coupled v the accelerated winds because of the wind tunnel, these winds can quickly exceed 300 mph.

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Truth: If you reyellowcomic.comize you won't be able to outrun an pull close tornado, girlfriend are much safer to abandon your vehicle, and take sanctuary in a road-side ditch or various other low spot, yellowcomic.comso though it may seem counterintuitive. It's not perfect situation, however it's most likely your shot.

No. 3: If a tornado is coming, you have to open every the home windows in your house to equyellowcomic.comize the pressure."

This simply wastes time, follow to the Storm forecast Center: "Don't worry about equyellowcomic.comizing the pressure, the roof ripping off and yellowcomic.comso the pickup truck shattering through the front wyellowcomic.coml will equyellowcomic.comize the pressure for you."

Patty Bullion produced a Facebook web page in 2011 come reunite tornado victims v photos they shed in the tornadoes the April 27, 2011. (File photo/The Huntsville Times/Eric Schultz) 

The world's many tornado at risk areas. The United says has more tornadoes than yellowcomic.commost everywhere else in the world. ( Climactic Data Center) 

The an to enduring a tornado is to put as numerous wyellowcomic.comls as possible between you and the storm. (NSSL)