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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of every evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and the bees BIRDS and also THE BEESWhy do slugs die as soon as they come into call with salt? THE SLUG has a moist skin, so as soon as you sprinkle salt on come it a solid brine conveniently forms. The process of osmosis climate begins, through which water is drawn from a weak equipment (in this case the body liquid of the slug) right into a more powerful one. Result: the slug dies a lingering death by dehydration. Gardeners may believe this is simply retribution for the damage the tiny creatures wreak on your lettuces, however salt might do your garden more harm 보다 the slugs. A quicker and also kinder method, i m sorry my father uses, is to drop them into a pan of an extremely hot water, wherein they die instantly and also are eventually recycled top top a compost heap. Dave Headey, Farringdon, Oxon. Add your answer

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