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Warts room harmless growths the often appear on the hands and feet. Some warts walk away through themselves, but others might persist until a person gets treatment. World looking to eliminate warts have the right to self-treat them at home or consult a doctor.

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If a person has actually a weakened immune device or an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, they should check with their doctor before removing any warts.

This short article looks in ~ the different varieties of warts and also the therapy options. It additionally explains exactly how to know when wart treatment has actually been effective.

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Warts room harmless skin growths that vary in appearance depending on their type. They can occur anywhere on the body but commonly affect the hands.

The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts, which have the right to readily spread in between people in close contact. If a person comes into contact with the virus, it have the right to infect the surface layer that the skin, developing a wart. Having cuts or other damages to the skin renders this an ext likely to occur.

Some people have a greater likelihood of acquiring warts 보다 others, including:

children and young peoplepeople with a weakened immune systemindividuals v a skin problem that influence the skin barrier

As there are around 100 strains the HPV, the virus can cause many different types of warts. Species of warts include:


Common warts have actually a rough, cauliflower-like texture and may show up as single warts or in a cluster. Your size varieties from 1 millimeter to more than 1 centimeter, and also they usually occur on the backs of finger or toes, about the nails, or on the knees.


Plantar warts, which prosper on the soles the the feet, look prefer calluses, have a difficult surface, and contain small, black color dots. Lock can appear as single warts or in clusters.

These warts may feel tender under pressure, and also a person may feel as though they have pebbles in your shoes as soon as walking.


Plane warts are flat, skin-colored warts that frequently grow on the face, hands, and also shins. Human being usually have multiple airplane warts. Shaving might be responsible for dispersing the virus ~ above the challenge or legs.


Filiform warts look like threads or fronds comes from the skin. They show up on the face, particularly around the eyes, nose, or mouth, and also usually thrive quickly.


Butcher’s warts look like usual warts, and they can additionally appear on the hands, frequently as multiple warts. However, lock occur because of a details strain the HPV and influence people who live or work in cold, moist environments.

Wart treatments job-related by remove the wart fairly than curing HPV. Because of this, warts may reoccur ~ treatment because the virus remains.

About two⁠–thirds the warts resolve by themselves end 12⁠–24 months, leaving no scarring or next effects.

However, if this is not the case, or a human being wishes to remove warts quickly, miscellaneous treatment options are available.

Salicylic acid

People can choose from numerous over-the-counter assets containing salicylic mountain that castle can use topically to a usual wart. Daily treatment with salicylic acid clears warts within 12 main in 70% of cases.

Duct tape

There is no clear evidence that duct ice wart removed is effective and no accuse on just how long it might take. The idea behind this method is the applying new duct tape to a wart every few days may progressively remove layers of the wart.

A person can try this an approach easily in ~ home, however it is essential to keep in mind that it may not work and also that some people may suffer side effects, such together skin reactions and bleeding.


Cryotherapy provides liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart, which causes the surface ar layers come peel off.

People need regular treatments every 1⁠–2 main to stop the wart from cultivation back. ~ 3⁠–4 months of treatment, cryotherapy effectively gets rid of warts in about 70% the cases.

However, cryotherapy can cause blistering, which can last increase to several days or weeks. That can likewise cause irreversible white marks on the skin and may result in temporary numbness in the therapy area.

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Electrosurgery and also curettage

Electrosurgery and curettage use heat to burn away the base of the wart. This form of treatment have the right to treat large warts that have actually not comment to various other treatments, however there space some downsides:

The wound have the right to take 2 mainly or much more to heal.In 20% the cases, warts deserve to reoccur. Electrosurgery and curettage can cause permanent scarring, which have the right to be painful.

Other treatments

Other treatments for warts include:

laser treatment, if other techniques are not effectiveinjection that bleomycin (Blenoxane)immunotherapy, such as imiquimod (Aldara), to encourage the immune mechanism to struggle the virus