Batch Manager opens up to the project Status window, displaying all your submitted batch jobs, follow to the filter criteria selected.

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Note: by default, all her jobs, but not jobs submitted by others, display. Permission to watch batch tasks submitted by others and also permission to accessibility Organizer letter libraries indigenous Batch Manager are functional rights that deserve to be granted in security team profiles.

To open Batch Manager, carry out the following:

open up Dashboard. Click Application Links ~ above the navigating panel. Click Batch Manager under Tax.

The main components of the project Status window, the applications menu, ribbon, Quick access Toolbar, and grid, contain commands or allow access to the commands used come perform and manage batch processing.

Application Menu

The application menu has the easily accessible actions because that CCH Axcess™  product. The menu also provides access to user choices and, if applicable, a list of freshly accessed records. Click

in the upper-left edge of the home window to display the menu and also view the available options.


The ribbon is offered throughout CCH Axcess™. The replaces the menus used in ahead product versions. Friend no longer need to navigate menus or open multiple toolbars to situate the regulates you need. Each ribbon can have lot of tabs. Commands displayed on every tab vary by module. On every tab, regulates are group by similar functions.

You can control the appearance and functionality of the ribbon v the following features:

Minimize. You deserve to minimize the ribbon through right-clicking the ribbon and also selecting Minimize the Ribbon from the menu or by double-clicking a ribbon tab. KeyTips. Every tab on the ribbon and each function in a ribbon have equivalent keyboard commands. Press the Alt key to display the shortcuts and also use your key-board to execute ribbon commands. ScreenTips. A description and, if applicable, a key-board shortcut screens when you hover your computer mouse over each ribbon command.


Quick access Toolbar

The Quick access Toolbar displays either above or listed below the ribbon, depending on your preference, and also can it is in customized to include the commands and also ribbon groupsRibbon groups are labeled ribbon part that combine commands the execute comparable functions. You use most. Some commands, such together the command to open up Dashboard, are had in the Quick access Toolbar through default. Clicking a ribbon group that friend have included to her Quick accessibility Toolbar screens a sub-menu of all the commands within the group.

The default and accessible optional regulates vary depending upon the module you are using. Your tradition Quick access Toolbar settings are used to the module girlfriend are at this time working in.

friend can add or remove commands and also ribbon teams in each module"s Quick access Toolbar native the following locations:

Quick access Toolbar food selection

choice summary
More Commands Opens the window to customize your Quick accessibility Toolbar, which enables you to change the number and sequence of commands in the toolbar.
Show below (or Above) the Ribbon Moves the toolbar to the specified location.
Minimize (or Maximize) the Ribbon Minimizes (or maximizes) the ribbon so only the tab names room visible.
pick More Commands indigenous the Quick accessibility Toolbar menu. Option description
Application commands Ribbon and also Application menu commands and ribbon teams that are accessible in the present module. A drop-down arrow displays in the list alongside each ribbon group.
Commands no in the ribbon Commands in the Application menu for the existing module and any various other command not contained on the ribbon.
All commands All Commands and also ribbon teams that are easily accessible in all licensed modules.
Other module commands Commands available for various other licensed and also installed modules. For example, girlfriend can include the command to produce a brand-new tax return or the command to create a brand-new project come your staff Manager Quick accessibility Toolbar.
Tab commands Ribbon commands and also ribbon group commands on each accessible tab because that the existing module. Part modules have actually multiple ribbon tabs.
Do among the following: Add a command or ribbon group. Select a command or ribbon group from the available commands list and also click the right arrow to include the item to your Quick accessibility Toolbar. Remove a command or ribbon group. Choose a command or ribbon group from the Selected regulates list and also click the left arrow to eliminate the items from your Quick accessibility Toolbar. Option summary

Move Up/Move Down


Moves a selected command or ribbon group up or down in the list. When you click OK, the items show up in the selected stimulate in your Quick accessibility Toolbar.



Restores the Quick accessibility Toolbar to the default setups as characterized by the module.
Show Quick accessibility Toolbar listed below the Ribbon When selected, screens the Quick accessibility Toolbar listed below the ribbon. When cleared, screens the toolbar over the ribbon.

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Click OK to save your changes.

Ribbon and also Application food selection

To quickly add an item to the Quick accessibility Toolbar, right-click any type of ribbon command, ribbon group command, or Application food selection command and also select Add to Quick access Toolbar indigenous the menu.


The Batch Manager home window lists each job that you have actually submitted in the project Status grid, according to your filter criteria. Click the Job Status bar located directly below the ribbon to present or hide the rapid filter options. For much more information about filtering and also other net features, view Working through Batch Manager Grids.

The following information display screens in the task Status grid:

Submitted. The date and also time the task was submitted. Submitted By. The staff name who submitted the job. Updated By. The employee name that last to update the job. Office. The office to which the staff who submitted the task is assigned. Download. The download status, prepared to Download or Downloaded, of taxes data exported from Return Manager, large return PDFs, magnetic media records exported from Tax, and devoted state extensions and also estimates. You deserve to click the link to download and also save the return data together an external file. Items. The variety of records in the job. Progress/Completed. The existing progress presented in a progression bar, or the date and also time the project completed. Scheduled/Pattern. The date and time scheduled tasks are collection to run.