This expression is supplied to emphasize huge amounts. Usually, people use it come say lock love someone an extremely much. The sometimes appears in the longer forms: a bushel and also a peck and some in a gourd and a bushel and also a peck and also a hug approximately the neck.

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Origin of A Bushel and also a Peck

It is unclear precisely when this expression first became well-known as another method to say a lot. However, it originates from units of measurements.

Pecks and also bushels room standard develops of dry measurements. A peck is around two gallons. A bushel is 4 pecks.

These measurements are no as typical now together they as soon as were. Some in a gourd most likely was added onto a bushel and also a peck as a way to add even more emphasis.

Examples the A Bushel and also a Peck

Here is an instance of 2 coworkers talking about their children.

Regina: perform you have any kind of children?

Ginny: Yes, I have actually two tiny boys.

Regina: just how old room they?

Ginny: The larger one is five years old, and the younger one is three years old.

Regina: how cute! mine daughter is 3 years old as well.

Ginny: three is such a cute age.

Regina: i know. Every night before I walk to bed, my daughter speak me the she loves me a bushel and a peck!

Ginny: that’s so sweet!

In this example, two friends are pointing out one of their romantic partners.

Kevin: room you still dating Krista?

Steve: I’m not sure. I’m not really all set for a severe relationship.

Kevin: So? simply take points slow.

Steve: i was do the efforts to, but last night she said me the she loved me a bushel and a peck and some in a gourd.

Kevin: ns guess girlfriend weren’t all set to tell her you loved her back?

Steve: definitely not.

More Examples

This expression is much more common in talked English than composed English. However, right here is an instance of the expression from a website. The writer of this post about an international food really loves strawberry a lot.

In this second example, a man reviewing a publication uses the expression come say how much he enjoyed reading the book.

The sports a bushel and a peck and a hug approximately the neck was likewise in the text of a famous song, as presented below.

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I love girlfriend a bushel and a peck

A bushel and a peck and a hug approximately the neck

A hug about the neck and also a barrel and also a heap

A barrel and a heap and also I’m talkin’ in my sleep

A Bushel and also A Peck


The expression a bushel and also a peck and some in a gourd means very much or very many.