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We have a large collection that printable worksheets because that students around math worksheets student must pick the ideal answer to finish each simile. tasks for researching metaphors in ~ an elementary level.


NameLastChg.Chg. %Market OverviewAdv.Dec.

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US 3015,465.5077.920.51% increase 76.67% down 20.00% unmodified 3.33%236
SPX 5001,677.308.140.49% up 60.92% under 37.07% unchanged 2.00%304185
DAX8,533.5058.690.69% up 80.00% under 20.00%246
FTSE 1006,837.3036.400.53% up 64.36% down 35.64%6536
S&P/TSX12,880.36137.931.08% increase 79.13% down 20.87%18248
S&P/ASX 2005,165.40-14.66-0.28% up 43.94% under 53.03% the same 3.03%87105
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