The mission: a perfect score ~ above the PSAT. The method: severe test prep. Afford a perfect score is no easy feat, however with the right study plan and also materials, you can master this essential exam.

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This overview will walk over what provides for a perfect score on the PSAT and how you can prep to overcome the test. review on to learn exactly how to success in your mission to acquire a perfect PSAT score, should you pick to expropriate it.

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What"s a Perfect Score on the PSAT?

The PSAT, which was redesigned in 2015, offers a various score selection than that provided in previous PSATs. The composite variety is 320-1520. The Math section accounts for half this score, if the Reading and also Writing part together account for the various other half. (When combined, Reading and Writing are called Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing, or EBRW.) Both Math and EBRW are scored between 160 and also 760.

To break it down also more, you"ll acquire a score between 8 and also 38 on each section: Math, Reading, and also Writing and also Language. These are your test scores (the scores you obtain before they"re convert to scaled scores).

To transform your math test score come a scaled score, merely multiply your test score by 20. A mathematics score that 30, for example, would convert to a final scaled score of 600 (since 30 x 20 = 600).

The Reading and Writing sections room a little trickier. Because they"re combined, you have to add your ar scores together and then main point the sum by 10. If you acquired a 30 in Reading and also a 34 in Writing, her scaled EBRW score would certainly be 640 (since (30 + 34) * 10 = 640). To learn much more about PSAT scoring, examine out our comprehensive guide.

With this score range, a perfect score on the PSAT is 1520, v 760 top top Math and 760 ~ above EBRW. A 1520 doesn"t necessarily equate to a perfect 1600 ~ above the SAT, since the satellite is a somewhat more challenging test, but it still predicts a very solid SAT score.

In past years, the grading curve top top the PSAT to be not very forgiving: you had to obtain every single Math and Reading inquiry right to acquire a perfect score. top top the composing section, you can get one inquiry wrong and also still get full points.

These days, because Reading and also Writing are scored together, over there is a little much more flexibility on these sections. However, girlfriend still have to answer every Math inquiry correctly to gain a perfect score on the section.

If you"re able come answer almost every question correctly and achieve a complete 1520, what does this achievement mean in terms of your college planning?


What go It median to obtain a Perfect PSAT Score?

For one, getting a perfect PSAT score is a large testament come your devoted prep and mastery the the math, reading, and also writing skills you"ll require for college. A top PSAT score is a rare achievement—one that reflects you take it the test seriously and acted successfully in search of her goal. All the studying also predicts great SAT scores, specifically if you save up the effort!

In addition to emotion a an excellent sense of an individual achievement, obtaining a perfect PSAT score qualifies friend for nationwide Merit recognition. The peak 1% of scorers, usually about 16,000 students across the US, are called National Merit Semifinalists. (In fact, a perfect 1520 would certainly exceed also National Merit expectations!) friend then have actually the chance to walk on come be named a nationwide Merit Finalist and also win scholarship money.

Some colleges offer their own merit-based scholarships to national Merit scholars. The college of Idaho and also University the Oklahoma, for example, sell incredible financial assist to scholars. Even if your school doesn"t market financial aid, having the national Merit difference on your applications is an exceptional credential.

You"ve most likely noticed the I"ve pointed out preparation as a an essential component to getting a full score ~ above the PSAT. if the test does need you to have actually specific skills in math, critical reading, and also grammar, having actually a solid academic document in course will only acquire you therefore far. The PSAT tests these concepts in distinct ways through question species specific to the test.

The contents isn"t necessarily all that advanced, yet questions are regularly worded in brand-new or unexplained ways. What this means is not just that examining is extremely helpful for doing well, but likewise that students of every levels can get strong scores v the best approach.

Let"s take it a closer look in ~ how you can put soon your ideal efforts to obtain perfect scores ~ above the PSAT.


How to obtain a Perfect Score ~ above the PSAT: 4 Tips

Getting a perfect score ~ above the PSAT way answering just around every inquiry correctly. In past years, you had actually to prize every inquiry right on the Math and Reading sections to obtain the maximum score, whereas on composing you could get one concern wrong prior to your scaled score started to decrease.

Nowadays, the PSAT still has a reasonably hard curve, particularly with Math, since it counts for half your total score. There could be a little more leeway top top Reading and also Writing, however you have to aim to acquire every inquiry right on these sections so girlfriend can get a complete 1520.

Unfortunately, over there isn"t a ton the practice material out there because that the current PSAT. However don"t worry! Our guide offers web links to totally free resources because that PSAT practice, consisting of full-length exercise tests (for both the current and old version of the PSAT). You can additionally use the main PSAT sample inquiries on the College plank website.

Before beginning your prep, it"s a good idea to set her intention. You have the right to then refer earlier to it end the next couple of weeks and months to assist you stay motivated and also focused on her goal.

Now that we"ve spanned the basics, let"s take a look at our top 4 tips for PSAT prep—and getting that elusive perfect score!


#1: specify Your Goals

Achieving a perfect score ~ above the PSAT is a rare accomplishment. You need to really want it.

Whatever your factors are, you require passion and an ideas to fuel your studying. Even if you"d rather be the town hall TV or playing video games, it"s crucial to keep your eye on the 1520 prize and connect your day-to-day actions through your future goal.

Before diving right into your research plan, ns recommend defining your factors for wanting to accomplish a perfect score. What"s walk to keep you examining with all the other job-related you have to do? What will certainly pick girlfriend up as soon as you"re feeling discouraged? A big part of this is believing that you can perform it, even if you"re no achieving perfect scores simply yet ~ above your practice tests.

Rest assured—studying and examining your mistake will aid you improve. In fact, it"s entirely feasible to conquer the PSAT and also familiarize yourself with the test to the allude that you"ll know precisely what sort of content and question types you deserve to expect on check day.

In his write-up on how to acquire a perfect sat score, Allen Cheng details his test-prep journey. He shares advice on just how to identify those determinants that will certainly keep friend disciplined and also offers proposal on why you have to treat the test together if it"s a game to victory or a trouble to be solved.

Once you"ve written down your reasons for wanting a perfect PSAT score, post them top top your wall surface or somewhere visible. If you ever feel frustrated, shot to think earlier to your original objective and also the optimistic perspective you had actually when you first set it.

After you"ve cursed yourself and also got your head in the game, you can work on gathering the materials that"ll best help you attain a perfect PSAT score.


Stock up v PSAT practice questions for test season.

#2: use High-Quality exercise Materials

As i mentioned, over there isn"t a ton of official practice material accessible for the present version the the PSAT. In ~ present, the college Board provides two full-length practice tests and also a grasp of practice questions. there are also eight SAT practice tests, which very closely resemble the PSAT (the only big difference is the they"re slightly longer and also a little tougher than the PSAT).

Don"t worry around not having enough PSAT exercise tests, though. Since the an essential concepts and an abilities tested didn"t readjust much v the 2015 redesign, you have the right to still usage old exercise tests and sample questions to prep effectively. Moreover, by studying these changes, favor no much more Sentence completion questions, you"ll come to be even an ext familiar through the PSAT format.

Besides exercise tests, you have the right to use Khan Academy"s free SAT prep program to help you study for the PSAT. This website functions in conjunction with the college Board, so every one of its SAT inquiries are official—making them specifically useful for PSAT prep, too! you can likewise watch accuse videos to learn an essential SAT (and PSAT) principles or come brush up on product you previously learned. Because that tips on exactly how to usage Khan Academy efficiently in her test prep, examine out our step-by-step guide.

To master the PSAT, girlfriend must focus not just on mastering content skills, such as algebra and rules the grammar, but likewise on understanding the layout of the test, such as timing constraints and "distractor" price choices. Due to the fact that it"s a country administered standardized test, that repeats particular question species over and over. The an ext practice friend have, the faster you"ll be able to recognize a question and what it"s asking you to do. You deserve to then use the same tried and true steps you provided on practice problems to acquire to the exactly answer quickly and efficiently.


#3: Find and also Analyze your Strengths and also Weaknesses

In addition to making use of high-quality materials and keeping a vital eye on concern structure, be certain to customize her PSAT examine plan for this reason you have the right to target her individual strengths and weaknesses.

If you"re repetitively acing algebra problems, there"s no allude in security a lot of time on algebra review. Instead, you should allocate her prep time whereby it will have actually the biggest payoff. so if you"re struggling come answer reading concerns in time, focus on reading comprehension review and strategies. If you"re often relying on what sounds best to answer grammar questions, take the time to learn details grammar rules.

Before making your PSAT research plan, you need to obtain a details sense the what your strengths and weaknesses are. One means to execute this is to take a exercise test and also be thorough in scoring it and also finding your mistakes. analysis your outcomes and shot to figure out why you acquired a concern wrong. To be it confusion over the material? A time issue? A careless mistake?

Next, compose down her mistakes and also the reasons for them, and also then drill those areas so you can obtain them right next time. The crucial factor here is come not just spend time studying your results—try come analyze why you missed a question and also then take procedures to settle the problem. If you deserve to root out the reason behind a mistake, you can stop it from becoming a pattern.

Once you have actually a clear knowledge of what you specifically should work on, you can maximize the effectiveness of her studying. In various other words, you"ll have to be meticulous and also laser-focused about drilling particular content and practice questions.


#4: be Your very own Drill Sergeant

Not to gain too intense around prep, however getting a perfect score ~ above the PSAT requires, well, perfection. As stated above, you can"t miss any Math or reading questions, and you have the right to only miss around one writing question. If you"re aiming to answer every question correctly on the PSAT, you"ll want to job-related up come answering every question correctly on your practice tests. This bring away time and also a the majority of work, but ultimately it"s the score you want to attain.

To acquire to this point, you have to dedicate you yourself to drilling her mistakes and also reviewing material and also question varieties to the suggest of becoming a PSAT expert. Don"t let any mistakes happen you by; save studying and retesting till you"re comment every inquiry correctly. Although the specifics and also wording will be various on the actual PSAT, the concerns should basically be people you"ve seen and also answered before.

All that this studying—taking practice tests, assessing your mistakes, drilling your weak areas—takes time and also diligence. So exactly how much time have to you collection aside to research for the PSAT if you"re aiming because that a perfect score?


What must Your PSAT Study setup Look Like?

To a big extent, the nature of your PSAT study plan will depend ~ above the level in ~ which you"re beginning out. That"s why it"s a good idea to take a practice test best away and also measure her skills. As discussed above, her individual needs—namely, your academic and test-taking strengths and weaknesses—largely recognize your approach.

If you"re scoring an extremely highly right off the bat and are just looking to enhance by 100-200 points, 40 hours can be sufficient. Again, this counts on the nature of your mistakes—whether you"re having, say, contents or timing issues—and how reliable your as whole prep is.

If you"re looking to raise her score through a few hundred points, you might need 60-80 hours of prep. for larger renovations of 300-500 points, it"s feasible you"ll need to commit come 150+ hours. This can sound favor a ton that time, but as long as girlfriend start early on and room out your studying, it"ll all begin to look at a lot much more reasonable.

Let"s say you start thinking about the PSAT at the start of your sophomore year. Setup aside three hours a main adds up to much more than 100 hours by the end of the year. This time doesn"t encompass the summer before 11th grade, which could be as soon as you have actually the many time come prep because that the PSAT. You might likewise consider taking the PSAT 10 in 10th grade or the PSAT 8/9 in 8 hours or ninth grade to help you get ready.

Make sure to testimonial content, take it a practice test, analyze your results, and also design your study arrangement based on how plenty of points you require to improve by and what specific areas you need to emphasis on. Create out a schedule, taking treatment to set next a particular day or quantity of time every week.

More importantly, be patient v yourself. It"ll take time before you"re see perfect scores. At the very same time, if you find your method isn"t working as well well, feel complimentary to readjust come something much more effective.

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While gaining a full 1520 calls for a many effort, girlfriend can achieve this score with careful planning and very early start. Breaking under this goal right into small, manageable steps not only helps make it attainable but also reduces any kind of stress and pressure you could feel around the PSAT.