What is the answer come number 46 on the impossible quiz?

The answer choices are “Best speed ever”, “Meh”, “OMGF U death SONIKKU U BASTUD”, and also a snapshot of a person showing another person his flaming hand while the other human seems happy, or excited. The price is “OMGF U death SONIKKU U BASTUD”.

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What is the answer come 44 ~ above the difficult quiz?

The answer to this question has to continue the dialogue of the game’s intro, so the correct option is “What girlfriend say!!”, which was the reaction the the game’s main character after gift told what had happened.

What is the answer to 47 on impossible quiz?

The best means to do so is aligning the cursor v the suggest of the cursor ~ above the “Vanish” bottle when it is at its lowest suggest of the screen. This is a for sure question, which means that you can click where you want on the screen and you won’t lose any type of lives for any misclick girlfriend make.

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What is the answer for number 48 ~ above the impossible quiz?

SnaaaakeThe inquiry is a recommendation to a game Over display screen in the Metal gear Solid series, where the Mission Control characters would repeatedly speak to out the name of snake (the game’s protagonist), concluding with a slightly prolonged repetition of the name. Therefore to end up what the question says, the price is “Snaaaake!”.

How come answer concern 45 in the difficult quiz?

Question 45 native the difficult Quiz is just one of the two questions created by metal Alex. The question/task and also all four answer selections have every been composed in Wingdings font. Your job right here is to one of two people decode everything and also answer the concern according to what it in reality says, or simply go trial-and-error and also until you uncover the exactly option.

What does the sign typical on the difficult quiz?

sign block the row of Skips so the the inquiry is unskippable. Over there is a keyboard on the display screen with clickable letters. Over the keyboard is a message saying “Neigh! Whinny!” and a black silhouette of a horse.

How execute you fix the difficult quiz in Minecraft?

Above the keyboard is a article saying “Neigh! Whinny!” and a black silhouette that a horse. To resolve this question, you need to kind “horse” utilizing the in-game keyboard, because a horse makes the sounds pointed out by the message, not to cite there’s the horse’s silhouette right there. If you complete the question, the letters will rotate green.

Which is the exactly answer come the concern 94?

Answer 94: The bomb is a dud or Wait because that the respond to to mite down; the bomb is a dud.


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