Tegucigalpa is the funding of Honduras. That is 990 meters above sea surface. The was established as a gold and silver mining center.

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Where is Tegucigalpa?

It is the 5th largest city in Central America. Tegucigalpa is just one of the rare fundings in the world where the railway does not cross, and transportation is mainly based on Toncontin international Airport. Set in a valley, the city is surrounded by mountains. Additionally called Tegus.

When didTegucigalpa end up being the Capital?


Tegucigalpa was established by the Spanish in 1579 as a center for gold and silver mining.

Honduras became an independent country after the failed attempt to develop a main American republic in 1821. Top top 30 October 1880 Tegucigalpa was asserted the funding under the direction of Marco Aurelio Soto.

Features that Tegucigalpa


According come 2015 data, Tegucigalpa has a population of 1.15 million. Tegucigalpa has actually a surface ar area the 1,514 square kilometers. Tegucigalpa has actually a tropical climate. However, due to the fact that it is situated in a high region, it has cooler weather conditions compared to other cities in the country. The average air temperature is in between 19-23 degrees. The coldest months space December and also January. The typical temperature is 14 degrees. March and also April space the hottest months of the year and reach approximately 40 degrees. There is precipitation in May and also October.

Although the crime rate in the city is really high, plenty of studies have been excellent in stimulate to get rid of this brand in current years. The economic climate of the city is provided by trade, construction, textile, sugar and also tobacco.

Tegucigalpa’s cuisine, favor the cook of the country, Honduras, is composed of neighborhood delicacies. It also features Spanish, Caribbean and also African cuisine. The most wanted local delicacies the the country are fried fish, tamale (a enjoy the meal made through cornmeal and red pepper), carne asada all set with grilled meat, plato tipico do of rice, beef, roasted beans and banana.

Important places to check out in Tegucigalpa


The city is surrounding by mountains and it is feasible to walk on foot in the city whereby both slopes and also flat locations are encountered. This is a an excellent way come discover colonial architecture and to live the soul of that history. There are parks with organic beauties in plenty of places.

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Tegucigalpa, the funding of Honduras, is a very small city with several great destinations. St Michael the Archangel Cathedral, Parque La Leona and also Parque el Picacho space the main attractions. Extr area attractions include Iglesia Los Dolores, Iglesia de san Francisco, Museo para la Identidad Nacional and also Museo Arqueologico.