Wherever there space shapes, we deserve to see lines. Every shape defined in a two-dimensional plane is comprised of lines. A line is the an easy concept the geometrythat expand infinitely in both directions. Lines room straight without bends. They have actually no thickness or breadth and thus areuni-dimensional. It is crucial for united state to determine the currently in the geometric forms we come across and differentiate between the lines, the line segments, and the rays.

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1.Definition that Line and also Line Segment
2.Differences between Line and Line Segment
3.Solved Examples
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Definition of Line and Line Segment

A line is a arsenal of boundless points that extends top top both political parties infinitely top top a plane. The lines deserve to be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, oblique, or curves. 2 lines canbe parallel or perpendicular. The lines might be thick or thin. Curved lines also change directions.


A heat segment is a collection of limited points which has actually a definite length. It has actually a start suggest and one endpoint. The is the shortest distance between two points that can be measured.We can measure its size using a leader or an inch scale. A heat segment is a component of a line. Listed below is a line segment AB.


Any 2-d form is made up of line segments. Right here are a few polygons. We deserve to observe that a triangleis made up of 3 heat segments, a pentagon is consisted of of 5 heat segments and thequadrilaterals are made up of 4 line segments. The polygon are called after the number of sides they room made of. The sides space made of line segments.


Differences in between Line and Line Segment

Let us plainly contrast the differences in between the lineand the line segment. Discovering them will aid us distinguish them andthereby aid us determine them in the aircraft shapes.

LineLine Segment
It is a collection of points the infinitely extends in both directions.It is the shortest distance between two points.
Lines don't have actually a start allude or one endpoint.Line segments have a starting point and also an endpoint.
Lines space long, continuous, and boundless.Line segments room short, and also a section of the line.
Line abdominal muscle is denoted as (overleftrightarrow m AB).Line segment abdominal muscle is denoted by (overline m AB)
A heat cannot it is in measured or attracted as it endlessly extend in both directions and has an indefinite length.A line segment canbe visually drawn and also measured as it has a definite length.

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Important Notes

A heat is a uni-dimensional shape that extends in both direction infinitely.A heat segment is a part of the line and also it is the shortest distance in between the 2 points that deserve to be measured.

Solved examples on Differences in between Line and also Line Segment

Example 1: determine the line segments and also name them.


Solution: We recognize that a line segment has two end points. Due to the fact that it is the shortest distance in between these endpoints, the is simple to surname the line segments by their endpoints. Thus,a) ab and CDb) PQ, PR, RQ, andRSc) DE and EF

Example 2: Classify each of the complying with into lines and line segments.


Solution:As we recognize that a line stretches endlessly and also a line segment has actually endpoints, we can conveniently classify them. Thus,Line: ABLine Segments: ST, XY, and also XY, YZ, XZ(sides the triangle XYZ)

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Practice concerns on Difference in between Line and also Line Segment

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FAQs onDifference in between Line and Line Segment

What Is a Ray, a Line, and also a line Segment?

A ray has a starting point and stretches endlessly. Aline has no endpoints and stretches endlessly in both directions. A heat segment is the shortest distance between two points.

What are the three Real-WorldExamples of heat Segments?

The edges of the publication or a table, a pencil, railings, window blinds, hands of a clock and so on.

How Is a line Segment Measured?

A line segment is measured utilizing a ruler in customary units favor centimeters or meter or inches or feet or yards.

How many Line Segments do a Square?

Four line segments make up a square. The meeting suggest of the line segments is dubbed a crest or a corner. Thus, a square has 4 sides and also 4 corners consisted of of 4 line segments.

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How Is a Line different From a line Segment?

A line has actually no endpoints. It stretches infinitely in both directions, conversely, a line segment has a start allude and one endpoint.

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