Discover the major difference between Pixie and Fairy, your Similarities, advantages & Cons, and also FAQs you have to know

Both pixies and also fairies space fictional personalities with separating characteristics. The biggest pixie vs. Fairy distinction lies in your appearance. A Fairy is usually approximately 6 customs tall and looks favor a human. A Pixie, top top the other hand, is around 4 inches tall and also doesn’t look like a human at all.

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Looking closely at pixies vs. Fairies here:

HeightA fairy is taller than a pixie
AppearanceA fairy looks much more like a human being than a pixie
ClothingFairies wear clothing while pixies are generally naked
WingsFairies have actually much larger wings 보다 pixies

What is a Pixie?

A pixie is a fictional character through colored skin and hair. This creatures attribute pointed ears and also a hat. Lock stand about 4 inches tall and have little butterfly-like wings. They space mischievous and sometimes rude as well. They possess powers with which they have the right to shower wealth and intelligence top top others.

What is a Fairy?

A fairy is a fictitious character the looks choose a miniature human. These creatures space usually approximately 6 customs tall and are recognized to live underground or underwater. They have actually wings that are bigger than their bodies. They display warmth, love, and care in the direction of humans. They possess powers that can change aspects of nature.

Pixie vs. Fairy Pros and also Cons

Pixie Pros and Cons

Pros the Pixie

They possess powers with which they have the right to shower wealth and also intelligence ~ above others.They struggle for their loved ones.

Cons of Pixie

They room mischievous and also rude.They can be dangerous and also misleading.

Fairy Pros and also Cons

Pros of Fairy

They room kind-hearted and also helpful.They possess powers the can change aspects that nature.

Cons the Fairy

They deserve to be dangerous.They can steal family items.

Pixie and Fairy similarity Explained

Both fairies and pixies are found in timeless Celtic folklore.In timeless folktales, both pixies and fairies were described as mischievous and also dangerous.Both sports a pair of wing in modern literature.Both pixies and fairies possess some magical powers the they, in ~ times, use to aid others.

Top 8 Differences in between Pixies and Fairies That must Be Considered

Let’s look in ~ the an essential points of difference in between fairy and pixie here:

AppearanceA pixie has colored skin and hair v pointed ears and also a hat.A fairy is favor a miniature human.
HeightPixie stands in ~ just roughly 4 inches at the most.Fairy is usually approximately 6 customs tall.
WingsPixies have actually smaller butterfly-like wings.Fairies have wings the are larger than her body.
HabitatPixies are thought to live in gardens close to flowers.Fairies are recognized to live underground or underwater.
Clothing stylePixies are typically naked or pull in ill-fitted ragged clothes.Fairies are known to stay beautiful and colorful clothes.
CharacterPixies space mischievous and also are always up for a prank. Yet they have constantly shown come turn positive by the finish of the folklore.In modern-day literature, fairies are mostly positive displaying warmth, love, and also care in the direction of humans.
GenderThe sex of pixies is rarely a topic of point out in folklore.Fairies deserve to be both masculine or female.
PowersPixies are recognized to possess powers through which they deserve to shower wealth and also intelligence top top others.Fairies are known to own powers that can adjust aspects that nature.

Comparison Chart


The difference between FAIRIES and PIXIES!!

Pixie and Fairy FAQ

What is the Difference between a Fairy and also a Pixie?

Fairies space taller than pixies and also look like humans, uneven pixies. Fairies in contemporary literature portray positive attributes while pixies display an adverse traits.

What is the Difference between a Fairy and a Pixie and a Nymph?

OriginThe fairy is believed to it is in of Celtic origin.A pixie also comes indigenous Celtic folktales.A nymph has its root in Greek mythology.
AppearanceA fairy is around 6 inch tall through an elegant and beautiful appearance.A pixie stand at around 4 inches v a fancy body and hair and also an uncomfortable appearance.A nymph is a human-sized creature through a pleasant appearance.
GenderFairies deserve to be masculine or female.Pixie’s sex is unidentified.Nymphs are always females.
CharacterFairies are normally good. Castle were angry in old folklore.Pixies are evil initially and turn great by the end of the folklore.Nymphs are constantly positive and helpful.

What perform you speak to a Fairy there is no Wings?

Traditionally, pixies to be without wings and also thus, were well-known as a fairy there is no wings. In modern-day times, a fairy without wing is recognized as an angel.

Can Fairies be human Size?

Yes, fairies can selection anywhere from the size of an average person thumb come the dimension of a person adult.

What is smaller Than a Fairy?

Pixies are smaller than fairies.

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Will The Sims 4 have actually Fairies?

The existing pack of The Sims 4 has a fairy that can be spotted flying approximately Sylvan Glade occasionally however it is not a character that can be communicated with. However, the producer of The Sims 4, GrimSuruDoi, posted an acrostic poem that hinted in ~ fairies being had in the expansion pack. Despite the reports aren’t evidenced yet, fairies may see one entry, similar to The Sims 3 Supernatural. (Ref.1)

How high is the average Fairy?

An median fairy is a small under 6 inches in height. (Ref.2)

The final Words

Both pixies and also fairies room mythical characters in Celtic folklore. Despite the timeless folktales explained both the characters as mischievous and dangerous, modern literature boasts the positive character of fairies and the an unfavorable character the pixies. Fairies look quite comparable to humans but are about 6 customs tall. Top top the other hand, pixies space nowhere close to humans when us talk about their appearance. They have actually colored skin and also hair v pointed ears and also a pointed hat. Their height is additionally smaller than fairies at about 4 inches. Additionally, fairies have quite large wings while pixies feature tiny butterfly-like wings.