Peninsula and islands space different types of landforms. This landforms typically share many features despite being different. The common features often tend to confuse many people.

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The main difference between island and peninsula is the the previous is a region cut off from the mainland and covered v water on all sides vice versa, the latter is associated to the mainland by an isthmus and covered through water on 3 sides only.

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Comparison Table (Peninsula vs Island)

Basic state PeninsulaIsland
DescriptionIt is a an ar connected to the mainland v an isthmus and covered with water on three sides only.It is a an ar cut off from the mainland and covered through water on all sides.
Water surrounding the LandmassOn 3 sides only.All the sides.
SizeSignificant.Small or big.
AccessLand, air, and water.Air and also water
TypesThe point, split, headland, cape, bill, and also promontory.Oceanic and continental.
FormationA steady rise in water and surrounding the landmass in ~ a short elevation.Continental island occurs together a gradual break and movement far from the mainland.

The oceanic island has actually a volcanic eruption or coral origin.

Connected come MainlandBy isthmus or stretch the land.No connection.
Single or in groupsSingle.Often in groups.
InhabitationUsually inhabited.The oceanic island is uninhabited.

Continental islands are major tourist attraction sites.

What Is a Peninsula?

It is a region connected to the mainland by an isthmus and also covered v water on three sides. These areas are mainly uncovered in the seacoast through the development of landmass because of a steady rise in water in ~ a short elevation.

The formation occurs once the temperature increases and also the land occur to be at short elevation. The rise in temperature provides the water level increase covering the piece of soil from three sides only.

Common types of the peninsula room split, bill, promontory, headland, cape, fork, and point. Isthmus is a pilgrimage of soil connecting the peninsula and the mainland. An instance is the Isthmus of Suez connect Asia and Africa.

The largest peninsula in the civilization is the Arabian Peninsula. It is complied with by the Deccan (Indian) Peninsula, Indochina, and the Horn that Africa.

The Indian peninsula is located in central India come the south. The Indochina peninsula covers Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos.

The horn of the Africa peninsula is spanned by the Arabian sea. The comprises Eritrea, Somalia, and also Ethiopia. Store in mind that Rame peninsula is amongst the many beautiful peninsula in the world.

Rame Peninsula has some of the many beautiful beaches and also serene conditions. It has a rich culture and isolated indigenous the country.

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What Is Island?

An island is a landmass isolated indigenous the mainland and also covered by water body on both sides. There is no connection in between the mainland and also the island. It deserve to only it is in accessed v air or water.

The islands occur in groups and also they are formed when the land break-up from the mainland drifting into the sea. The island is likewise known together the isle.

Types the islands are continental and also oceanic islands. Continent island is component of the continent masses and also oceanic island space formed as result of eruption of volcanic.

An example of a continent island is Australia and also that of one oceanic island is Saint Helena in the south Atlantic Ocean.

There space some dry islands developed from coral reefs. Instances of dry islands space Maldives, Nauru, and Tonga. An instance of a manmade island is Honshu in Osaka Bay.

Main Difference between Peninsula and Island

Peninsula is spanned by water on three sides only. Island is surrounded by water ~ above both sides.Isthmus connect the peninsula to the mainland. Island is not linked to the mainland at all.Peninsula can be accessed by land, air, and also water. Island deserve to be accessed through air and water only.Types of the peninsula are split, point, fork, promontory, bill, headland, and also cape. Types of islands space continental and also oceanic.Peninsula is one item of land and a far-reaching geographical area. The island is either little or big.

Similarities in between Peninsula and Island

Both are surrounded through water.Both have the right to be accessed through air and also water.Some are inhabitableHave great serene and also tourist attraction sites

In Conclusion

Hawaii is the biggest island in the united States located in the main Pacific and Greenland is the world’s biggest island with low population density.

The headland is a narrow piece of land and also the cape is a rocky peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. Promontory peninsula is a mass of soil stretching into the water body.

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The main point difference in between peninsula and also island is the the previous is extended by water on three sides only and also connected to the mainland through isthmus if the last is extended by water on every sides and also has no connection to the mainland.