The separation of different varieties of chromosomes creates the difference in between metaphase 1 and also metaphase 2. The difference between metaphase 1 and metaphase 2 is that metaphase 1 has actually the same variety of chromosomes as the original cells, whereas, metaphase 1 of meiosis has half the number of chromosomes.

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Comparison Chart

Basis that DistinctionMetaphase 1Metaphase 2
DefinitionMetaphase 1 is the following state come prophase 1 as soon as prophase 1 cross over it s okay accomplished, and tetrads move towards a arrangement known as metaphase plate.Stage whereby bivalents i ordered it on the metaphase plate and linked come the completely established meiotic spindle
Chromosomes PositionThe spindle fibers carry chromosomeschromatid i do not care chromosomes ~ separation the spindle fibers
Number the ChromosomesEach pole receives half the variety of chromosomesAlso, have actually the same number of chromosomes but with a solitary chromatid
Bivalent RepletionTwo members of every bivalent repel each other and move towards the the opposite polesCentromere divides and two chromatids of every chromosome separate and move towards the poles
Name ReasonMetaphase 1 stage found in meiosis 1 stage that’s why known as metaphase 1Metaphase 2 discovered in meiosis 1 that’s why recognized as metaphase 2.

What is Metaphase 1?

Metaphase 1 is the following state to prophase 1 as soon as prophase 1 crossing over gets accomplished, and also tetrads move towards a arrangement known together metaphase plate. This metaphase bowl is located in between two poles the the cell. Below the spindle fibers are attached to the centromeres of each of the bivalents, and also both kinetochores of each sister chromatid pair space then shifted towards the very same pole. Consequently, both kinetochores tie to the spindle fibers to establish the very same pole. This is the genuine difference between mitosis and meiosis together members that the each chromosome pair different from each various other in the next stage the meiosis that is anaphase 1. Two chromosomes and also four chromatids in complete from either parent deserve to arrange top top either next of the cell and produce the distinctions in chromosomal distribution in daughter cells after meiosis 1.

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What is Metaphase 2?

Metaphase 2 is the second stage in meiosis 2 whereby each the the two daughter cells produced by the second gems cells. In this stage, the spindle again paint, etc the chromosomes come the metaphase plate. Unequal metaphase 1 where two kinetochores of centromere tie to spindle yarn on exact same poles, below they bind from the opposite poles as happen in the case of mitotic metaphase and additionally attached come the kinetochore-microtubule comes from the pole. This, in the end, off the sister chromatids of every chromosome during the anaphase 2. Follow to Harvard CyberBridge, “Metaphase 2 wake up after the prophase 2 and before anaphase 2 during overall meiosis 2 processes.”

Key Differences between Metaphase 1 and also Metaphase 2

In metaphase 1, each pole receives fifty percent the variety of chromosomes if in metaphase 2 have the same number of chromosomes however with a single chromatid.In metaphase 1, chromosomes are brought by the spindle fibers. In metaphase 2, after separation every chromatid becomes chromosome.In metaphase 1 of meiosis 1, homologous chromosomes space separated when in metaphase 2 of meiosis 2, sister chromatids are separated.In metaphase 1, 2 members of each bivalent repel each other and move towards the the opposite poles. In metaphase 2, the centromere divides and also two chromatids of every chromosome separate and move towards the poles.Metaphase 1 stage discovered in meiosis 1 stage that’s why well-known as metaphase 1, if metaphase 2 found in meiosis 1 it is why well-known as metaphase 2.In metaphase 1, pairs of chromosomes space arranged top top the metaphase plate while that are changed to metaphase 2 where just chromosomes room arranged ~ above the metaphase plate.The plane of metaphase plate in metaphase 1 is perpendicular as compared to the aircraft of the metaphase plate in metaphase 2.In metaphase 1, chromosomes tetrads to adjust on metaphase bowl whereas, in metaphase 2, chromosomes arranged on metaphase plate as jus like in the mitosis with only sister chromatids.

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