Group terms that contain the very same variable, and relocate the constant to the opposite side of the equation


Factor the leading coefficient


Complete the square. Remember to balance the equation by adding the exact same constants to each side




Recreate as perfect squares


Square root both sides







the is


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Luca is 9 years old and also 129 cm tall.Medical charts present that a Boy’s height at age 9 is 3/4 of his predicted adult height.Predic

About 172 centimeters tall.

Since he is around 3/4 his average adult height, you sindicate divide his current height by .75

129/.75 = 172

1.Si μ es un ángulo aguexecute y cot μ = , ¿cuáles child los valores de todas las funciones trigonométricas de μ?

Funciones trigonométricas de μ

sen (μ) = b/ √(a^2+ b^2)

cos (μ) = a/ √(a^2+ b^2)

tan (μ) = b/ a

cot (μ) = a/ b

sec (μ) = √(a^2+ b^2) / a

csc (μ) = √(a^2+ b^2) /b

Step-by-action explanation: que no proportionaste el valor de cot μ podemos suponer un valor = a/b para que tengas una respuesta general y reemplaces el valor de a y b de acuerdo con tu caso.

cot (μ) = a/b


Funciones trigonométricas

sen (μ) = cateto opuesto/ hipotenusa

cos (μ) = cateto adyellowcomic.comcente/ hipotenusa

tan (μ) = cateto opuesto/ cateto adyellowcomic.comcente

cot (μ) = cateto adyellowcomic.comcente/ cateto opuesto

sec (μ) = hipotenusa / cateto adyellowcomic.comcente

csc (μ) = hipotenusa /cateto opuesto

cot (μ) = cateto adyellowcomic.comcente/ cateto opuesto = cot (μ) = a/ b

Por lo tanto:

Cateto adyellowcomic.comcente = a

Cateto opuesto = b


H^2 = Cateto adyellowcomic.comcente^2 + Cateto opuesto^2

H= √(a^2+ b^2)

Reemplaznaperform los valores de los catetos y la hipotenusa se obteienen los valores de las funciones trigonométricas de μ.


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4 months ago

On a number line is 2.06 or 2.6 farther to the left
mel-nik <20>
2.06 because the reduced the number, the even more left it will be on a number line
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9 months ago

The allude (–3, –5) is on the graph of a role. Which equation must be true concerning the function?
Oksi-84 <34.3K>

a. f(–3) = –5

Step-by-step explanation:

On a graph, point (x, y) can be likewise stood for as attribute f (x) = y

it indicates that if f(x) has actually input worth as x then its output worth will certainly be y.

Now offered that in the trouble that

The suggest (–3, –5) lies on the graph

it implies that for function input worth of of -3 has actually the out put value of -5

which have the right to likewise be written as

f(-3) = -5

Hence the correct option is a. f(–3) = –5.

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6 months ago
A soccer is having a auto wash. The team invested $55 on gives. They earned $275, consisting of tips. The team profit is the amount t
Vikki <24>
The profit is:275-55= 220$
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1 year ago
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