When calculating the freezing allude of a solution, we’re walk to use the equation because that Freezing suggest Depression.

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∆Tf = readjust in freezing allude = Tf pure solvent –Tf solutionKf = freezing allude depression constanti = van" t Hoff variable of the solute = no. The ionsm = molality

Part a.)We"re gift asked to calculation molality (m), in mol/kg. The Kf worth for lauric mountain is 3.9°C•kg/mol.


Using freezing allude depression to uncover molecular weight

Mass that Lauric acid (g) 8.003

Mass of benzoic acid (g) 1.010

Freezing temperature of pure lauric acid (C°) 43.84

Freezing temperature of the benzoic acid-lauric mountain mixture (C°) 39.05

a. Calculation molality (m), in mol/kg, making use of the formulaΔt = Kf *m. The Kf worth for lauric acid is 3.9°C•kg/mol.

b. Calculate moles that benzoic mountain solute, making use of the molality and also the fixed (in kg) that lauric acid solvent.

c. Calculation the speculative molecular weight of benzoic acid, in g/mol.

d. Determine the accepted molecular load of benzoic mountain from its formula, C6H5COOH.

e. Calculation the percent discrepancy in between the experimental and also accepted values.

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