But once I am in neutral and I open the throttle, calculated pack does not adjust at every according to mine OBD scan. That only alters when ns am actually moving. I don"t see how, follow to the definition, that must matter.

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Do you have a source for the formula?

Is it feasible that friend are reading Calculated engine pack value, i m sorry would certainly be zero when you space in neutral?


Range: 0 come 100Units: %Formula: A*100/255

I did find this web page which specifies it as:

Calculated pack Value -- suggests a percentage of peak accessible torque. Get 100% at wide open throttle at any kind of altitude or RPM for both naturally aspirated and also boosted engines.

In which case, I would still expect it come return non-zero values when in neutral, together it"s no transmission load.

It looks choose you"re acquiring the formula indigenous https://github.com/Knio/carhack/blob/master/old/can/pids.py, and also if that formula is certainly correct and implemented properly by the car"s computer and manufacturer, climate it "Reaches 100% at WOT at any altitude, temperature or rpm because that both normally aspirated and boosted engines", and should indeed be live independence of auto speed or equipment engagement (or absence thereof).

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