Family, Career, and Community leaders of America, Inc. Is a nonprofit national Career and Technical Student organization serving student in Family and also Consumer Sciences education in public and also private institutions through grade 12. FCCLA is the only nationwide career and technical student company with the household as its central focus. Since 1945, FCCLA has actually involved much more than ripe million youth who have been do a difference in your families, careers and also communities through addressing vital personal, work and societal issues through Family and Consumer sciences education. Today over 160,000 members in over 6,600 chapters are energetic in a network that associations in 50 states as well as in the district of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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FCCLA’s mission is to promote an individual growth and leadership advancement through Family and also Consumer scientific researches education. Concentrating on the multiple functions of household member, fairy earner and also community leader, members develop skills for life through:

Character developmentCreative and crucial thinkingInterpersonal communicationPractical knowledge, andCareer and also Technical preparation

To carry out opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult lifeTo combine the role of the family members as a straightforward unit of societyTo encourage democracy v cooperative activity in the home and also communityTo encourage individual and group authorized in helping achieve an international cooperation and harmonyTo promote greater understanding between youth and also adultsTo provide opportunities for making decisions and also for suspect responsibilitiesTo prepare for the multiple functions of men and women in today’s societyTo encourage Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations

Alabama FCCLA State Officers

The Alabama FCCLA Association has six state officers elected at the state conference who consist of the State executive Council.

Alabama FCCLA executive Council

The Alabama FCCLA executive, management Council is comprised of the FCCLA state adviser, current state officers, and also advisers to the current state officers.

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Teen Times, the main magazine of nationwide FCCLA, is published quarterly throughout the school year and also distributed come affiliated members. The national staff also publishes a range of other source materials for members and adult leaders. A free publication catalog is obtainable upon request.