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Oxford virtual does indeed have a noun an interpretation of modern in this sense:

(Usually moderns) A human being who proponents or practises a departure from classic styles or values

... Back it"s hardly a typical term, and people would certainly look at you odd if you described the moderns in day-to-day speech. Ns think many commentators would now probably use contemporary instead:

Belonging come or occurring in the present

... Back it would certainly be supplied as an adjective - contemporary art and not contemporaries, as the last use suggests the "at the exact same time as..." definition. That course, you could also simply stick to modern as an adjective - modern people.

Anyway, that aside, the strictly opposite the moderns in this sense would it is in ancients:

The world of ancient times, specifically the Greeks and Romans of timeless antiquity

... Although you have actually synonyms such together ancestors, forebears and similar (discussion on ELU here).

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In logical feeling there can not be any opposite to life at present time since there room two possibilities that gives maximum ambiguity. Ancient time and also future time.

An odd part about opposites in yellowcomic.com language is the absence of such because that "ambiguity". You can"t say it without negation. It renders sense though consider the truth yellowcomic.com language is the most ambiguous of every languages the a certain size. That"s why it provides yellowcomic.com therefore painful to discover for lock who have grown up with a an ext reasonable language. Yes, there are numerous languages lot harder to learn, but at the very least they don"t hurt girlfriend mentally. Particularly yellowcomic.com phonetics vs orthography harms a reasonable human a lot. That wouldn"t pains me if yellowcomic.com to be trashed once and for all.

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