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1. Synopsis of the legislature Process 5:09
2. Arrival and Referral that Bills 3:19
3. Committee Consideration 3:39
4. Calendars and Scheduling 2:35
5. House Floor 3:53
6. Senate Floor 4:17
7. Executive service in the Senate 1:59
8. Resolving Differences 3:29
9. Presidential Actions 1:58

Once a committee has reported a bill, it is put on among the respective chamber’s calendars. This calendars are basically a list of receipt eligible because that floor consideration; however, the receipt on the calendars are not guarantee floor consideration. Numerous will never ever be lugged up ~ above the floor during the food of a two-year That is additionally possible, although less common, for a invoice to come directly to the floor without being reported and placed ~ above a calendar.

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In the House, majority party management decides which bills the house will consider, and in what order. For example, after consulting v committee leaders, bulk party management may decision to schedule a invoice for emergency floor consideration. Alternatively, leadership may ask the rule Committee to begin the process of pass a particular bill come the floor for more prolonged consideration and possible amendments. These various mechanisms through which the bulk party proposes floor consideration of a bill are disputed in an ext detail in the next section.

In the Senate, majority party leadership does not use the same collection of rules as the house to lug bills come the floor. One way the Senate deserve to take increase a bill is through agreeing to a motion to continue to it. When a city council – commonly the bulk leader – makes such a motion that the Senate proceed to a certain bill, the Senate deserve to then normally debate the movement to proceed. If it ultimately agrees to the movement by a majority vote, the Senate can then begin consideration that the bill.  Alternatively, the majority leader have the right to ask unanimous consent the the Senate take it up a particular bill.

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If no one objects to together a request when it is made, climate the Senate can immediately begin consideration of the invoice in question. (When the leader refrains native making such a request because he has actually been educated that a Senator would object, that is regularly said that a Senator has placed a host on the bill.)

In both chambers, party leaders save their membership notified of the anticipated floor schedule making use of various methods – like periodic whip notices or other regular communications.

Diagram the the legislative Process

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