In a courtyard in Verona, Italy a young girl stops to tuck a item of file in the crevice that a rock wall just below a tiny balcony. One of thousands of notes that carpet the wall, hair is proper noticeable. She has actually left it right here atCasa di Giulietta, the home where Juliet Capulet the Shakespeare’s catastrophic love story lived, in wishes that the secretaries the Juliet will respond. It’s a sweet heritage that has actually been observed by lovers from every age, language and also background. It’s additionally just one of connections shared in between the brothers Bard and also the nation of Italy where almost a third of his works were set.

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Why is Romeo and also Juliet collection in Verona?

Romeo and Juliet do Verona famous, turning a lovely but unremarkable town in the zero of Venice in northeast Italy into one of the world’s many romantic destinations. Plenty of visitors wonder why Shakespeare determined this setting to put the step of his most well-known play. The price is quite simple: he retained to the source material. Wilhelm Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is based on Italian writer Luigi da Porta’s A freshly Re-Discovered Story of two Noble Lovers through Their Pitiful Death emerged at the moment of Bartolomeo Della Scala.

Da Porta set his play in 14th century Verona, writing about two young nobles living in surrounding castles who autumn in love but are take it apart by their warring families, to tragic effect. Da Porta wrote the initial story after having actually his very own heart broken, and also Shakespeare discovered and reinterpreted his own version simply a couple of decades later—keeping the terrible conclusion and setup the same.

Places You have the right to Visit native Romeo and also Juliet’s Verona

“In fair Verona, whereby we lay our scene”is how Shakespeare explains the setup of his most renowned love story,Romeo and Juliet. So touching is the tale that modern-day lovers still flock to the cobbled streets of Verona, if not for historic accuracy, then absolutely for the romantic it embodies. Once your travels take it you come thismost romantic the cities, here are few of the shak spa sites to see while in Verona:

The Balcony of Casa di Giulietta

The website where Romeo is said to have claimed his love to Juliet is just exterior the city’s key promenade. Although added to a aptly old residence in 1936, and doubtfully the original, that draws romantics in droves and also is the site for many a proposal and also declaration that love. Juliet’s Balcony is among the most famous sites to visit in Romeo and Juliet"s Verona.

Juliet’s frostbite

Entered with a little arched passageway set inside Casa di Giulietta’s main courtyard, the tiny statue of a girl is a favourite for visitors. Discovered just a couple of feet indigenous the balcony from which she and also Romeo very first confessed your love, this statue of Juliet properly humanizes this tragedy we all recognize so well. Prior to you leave, take it a moment to obstacle the best breast the Juliet, a heritage no one seems to be able to explain.

Juliet’s Tomb

In the story, Juliet dies in a 13th century Franciscan convent. If no name is mentioned, the site at Via del Pontiere to be the only one external the city wall surfaces at the time as soon as the events took place. Literature fans, tourists, and also locals alike come here to salary tribute come the catastrophic tale.

Basilica di san Zeno Maggiore

Inside this church you’ll uncover the crypt where Romeo and also Juliet supposedly secreted far to it is in married. The Romanesque structure features a “wheel the fortune” rose window and 12th century copper doors.

Piazza delle Erbe


Romeo and Juliet may have never existed, yet Italian poet Dante did write of 2 feuding families. No doubt, the Montecchi and Cappelletti clans frequented the ideal square in Verona. Ringed through cafes and shops, the piazza is additionally home come the Baroque Palazzo Maffei and the frescoes the Casa Mazzanti.

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