*Customers must examine all shipments before signing clean on distribution receipt**Customer is responsible because that unloading every merchandise!*All Shipping had offers exclude Alaska, Hawaii, & any countries exterior the U.S.The customer agrees to these TERMS and also CONDITIONS i m sorry no certified dealer or employee of the parties might alter. These TERMS and also CONDITIONS shall use to all shipments, unless and until this TERMS and also CONDITIONS are altered or amended by yellowcomic.com. Customer is responsible for reading these TERMS and CONDITIONS as noted on our website. Freight unless otherwise i agree in writing, all shipments are F.O.B. Shipping Point. yellowcomic.com will identify the allude of beginning of shipment, the technique of transportation, and the routing the shipment. Every freight charges space the sole obligation of the purchaser. Purchasers requesting shipment by a method other 보다 that the yellowcomic.com’s choice will it is in billed for any additional charges incurred. yellowcomic.com, once possible, will attempt to do shipments by the routing requested by the purchaser, however makes no guarantee. All included accessories fees will be fee to the customer. (i.e. Residential, lift-gate, re-consignment.) that is the consumer"s obligation to notify us former to shipment if the place for ceded cannot expropriate a 53’ trailer shipment vehicle. Deliveries that cannot be made early to automobile size or access restriction will be billed together delivered. If a distribution is feasible with an additional vehicle, re-delivery will be make and an additional delivery fee will certainly be charged. If you need any added accessories please speak to us and also we will execute our best to include these at our price so you space not fee at the carriers public rates.

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Truck access RequirementsTrucks approximately 65’ in length may supply your merchandise. In most instances they cannot go into private driveways or roads, as there is poor room to maneuver and also turn around. When this is the case, front arrangements have to be made to provide your order come a predetermined location, preferably the nearest publicly road accessibility to the original location address.DAMAGESThe plot of signing for distribution is the accept that your tank has arrived undamaged. The human who indicators the proof of delivery (POD) once tanks are delivered MUST note any type of visible damage on the POD. Often, the damages is excellent to a piece that can quickly be replaced. If girlfriend have any kind of questions regarding the problem of the tank please call yellowcomic.com, if the driver is there and before you sign the shipment receipt and also we gladly assist you with a resolution. Cosmetic and surface scuffs and also scrapes can take place in transit. Surface ar scrapes will not impact the product"s structural integrity or void your warranty, and do no constitute damage. You re welcome take pictures, if possible, and contact yellowcomic.com immediately upon exploration for evaluation and proper resolution. You carry out NOT have to accept the tank if girlfriend have any type of questions concerning the condition of the tank, you re welcome refuse the tank or note damage on the delivery receipt and also contact yellowcomic.com immediately.Tanks may become soiled in transit. Dirty tanks do NOT constitute damage and damage insurance claims will be refused.Our tanks leave our merchants in great condition. As soon as they space turned over to the carrier, damages can occur. If over there is no notation of damage on the signed POD, the purchaser has accepted that the tank has actually arrived, has actually been inspected and is in an excellent condition. It is necessary that the purchasers completely look over the tanks because that damage and if over there is damage they are required to keep in mind it top top the POD or refuse the tank.If there are any damages yellowcomic.com must be notified immediately aid ensure timely resolution.It is the purchaser’s obligation to notify yellowcomic.com that all damages within 5 business days native delivery. We value our customers and also will do whatever to obtain the customer a brand-new tank at no extra charge, as long as the damages is listed at the time of delivery. We will certainly NOT accept obligation for damages done come the tank if the recipient of the tank does not note damage. At this suggest you will certainly accept ALL obligation for the tank and can file a claim directly v the carrier for the damage. We will certainly be happy to aid you with this process. TRANSIT TIMESAll shown transit times are approximates only and also do not include day the pickup. Pickup dates are no guaranteed. Pickup day is not had in the calculation of LTL transit time. The customer is responsible for all charges concerned the shipment. You will certainly be noted with a tracking number and we will assist you in making every initiative in our manage to ensure the the bespeak is delivered in a timely manner. Shipping dates are approximate and also are based upon prompt receipt of all vital information and also approvals indigenous the purchaser. yellowcomic.com shall not be responsible for fail to carry out or for hold-up in performance as result of fire, flood, strike, or various other labor difficulty, plot of God, plot of any kind of governmental government or the the purchaser, riot, embargo, automobile shortage, wrecks or hold-up in transportation, i can not qualify to obtain necessary labor, products or manufacturing framework from usual sources or due to any type of other cause past its reasonable control. In the occasion of delay in performance due to any such cause, the date of delivery or time the completion will be postponed by such size of time as may be reasonably important to compensate for the delay.If a tank is refused and yellowcomic.com sends out it come a regional store to be inspected by a Manager and also it is reputed undamaged due to Cosmetic scrapes, scratches, scuffs and also dirt or any kind of other reason the customer is responsible for every shipping fees and also restock fees of approximately 25% if claimed customer refuses to accept the exact same tank back.Guaranteed Transit (Extra fee at time that order)Guaranteed company transit times carry out not include holiday and/or no business days as characterized by the individual carrier. Shipping not ceded within date/time mentioned on the invoice of lading may not be thought about a company failure once the reason for the delivery delay is reputed as no error of the carrier. These reasons might include, yet are not limited to, the complying with conditions: action of God; the visibility of violence, riots, military activity or such possible disturbance as developing reasonable apprehension the danger; action or failure by: shipper, consignee, owner of goods or publicly authority; delays early to custom-mades clearance or documentation compelled for movement of shipment; closure that Federal, State, City or regional roads, streets, or highways resulting in travel delays through carrier; shipments not embraced by the consignee when readily available for delivery. This service is not a guarantee because that pickup. Customers will be reimbursed because that shipping if guaranteed distribution is requested in composing by the customer and the guaranteed date is no met. yellowcomic.com can not ENSURE THAT any SHIPMENT can BE do BY ANY particular TIME OR DATE. IN any type of EVENT, THE company SHALL not BE LIABLE for COSTS, INCLUDING however NOT minimal TO any type of SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR therefore DAMAGES, INCLUDING yet NOT limited TO lose OF earnings OR INCOME.Pickup pick "Pickup" as your shipping option as soon as you ar an order v a sales representative. You"ll receive an email confirmation and also then a follow-up email once your purchase is prepared for pickup in ~ the selected location.Pickup is not easily accessible for all products / categories.Please pick up your item(s) within 5 service days of notice that your order is prepared for pick up. Assignment that are not picked up within 5 service days of an alert may be allocated come a different order or her items went back to inventory.

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Us will store your order active in the system, however, you may be topic to a much longer lead time while wait on items to be manufactured again.We manufacture, maintain stock or ship products from and to the complying with locations: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, district of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, new Hampshire, Nevada, brand-new Mexico, new York, phibìc Carolina, phibìc Dakota, brand-new Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Rhode Island, southern Carolina, south Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, and also Dominican Republic. If you do not check out your location please speak to 866-310-2556