Canadian-born Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is a bully publishing mogul, who treats everyone, horribly, consisting of her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). Yet when she visa expires, she bribes Andrew to marry her, and also to fool the INS, they need to pretend to not hate each other while security a weekend v his family.

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Dog and Eagle ActionAndrew’s (Ryan Reynolds) parents have a pet dog called Kevin. Numerous American Eskimo/Samoyed puppies to be alternated in this role and to be rested in between takes. Roadways were closed off to traffic and also grounds were inspected for safety before filming. Cast and crew members were presented to the dogs and instructed ~ above their proper handling. Because that scenes in i m sorry a dog performs together mild action as sitting on actors’ laps, walking from one suggest to one more or gift petted, trainers inserted the dog on its mark and also stood off-camera, utilizing hand signals and also verbal commands to cue the actions, which the trained dogs were accustomed to. Because that scenes in i beg your pardon an gibbs held, petted or handed turn off the dog, the actor to be well-rehearsed and instructed top top the safest, most comfortable method to hold the dog. Barking was a cued behavior. Throughout some of the scenes in i m sorry trainers enthusiastically cued the dog come “speak,” the dog came to be so excited the it naturally jumped up.

While the dog is prevent the bathroom door, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) blows the dog’s fur with a blow dryer, in expect of frighten him out of the bathroom. Because that this scene, the well-rehearsed actress held the punch dryer several feet native the dog, which was cued to stay, and also then provided the cool setting to gently blow the dog’s fur, an activity which the dog discovered fun and thought to be a game. The dog was immediately rewarded with treats afterward. The activity in i m sorry the actress call the dog onto the bathroom rug and also swings the rug roughly was a well-choreographed action that did not faze the dog. Trainers hiding in the restroom cued the dog come walk forward onto the rug, and the actress carefully rotated the rug approximately before exiting the bathroom and also closing the door if the dog continued to be in his cued “stay” position.

Kevin runs onto the lawn, barks at Margaret, and also is unexpectedly snatched increase by an eagle, which paris away through Kevin in the mouth, and also then flies around with him before dropping him several feet native the air and also into Margaret’s arms. Because that this scene, which to be filmed in different shots, two live eagles to be used, although never ever at the exact same time as the dog. First, trainers cued the dog come walk around, pace and also bark. Then, the dog was removed from the collection and a trained eagle was used for the live eagle action. The trainer, through the eagle top top his arm, walked increase a ladder and collection the bird ~ above its note on a tree branch. The eagle had a tether fastened to leather straps top top its ankles, and also a 2nd trainer held the tether and whistled because that the eagle to fly to his arm. This action was filmed a pair of times. The bird to be rested and given treats after every take. A bag that would certainly be “invisible” versus a green display screen was inserted on a custom-made stand on the ground, and also the eagle was cued to paris down, grab the sack and fly back up, every while trainers managed the tether. The sack was then changed with “Kevin” in post-production. Throughout some takes, the sack was changed with a stuffed prop dog. Every these shots to be edited together to make it appear as if the eagle snatched increase the dog mid-flight, yet the dog and eagle were never actually in the scene together. Component of the step in i beg your pardon the eagle flew approximately with the dog in the mouth was achieved using prop claws stop a stuffed prop dog, filmed versus a blue screen. The dog the the eagle “dropped” right into Margaret’s arms was a stuffed prop.

For the step in which Margaret runs roughly holding Kevin by the waist, the actress was well-rehearsed on how to organize the dog and run with him, and the eagle hovering over was digitally included in post-production.

A couple of dogs are in the lift in the town’s main street. These were the actors’ dogs, and also the actors to be instructed come walk lock on their usual leashes and allow them come do everything came naturally.

Duck and Seagull ActionThe duck in the water near the harbor and also the birds watched flying roughly in the Alaskan town, were filmed in their natural habitat.

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Production detailed documentation the the pet pelt watched on the Paxtons’ couch to be a prop.