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Tom was at the Ewell’s house due to the fact that Mayella inquiry him end to assist her execute chores.

Tom Robinson is top top trial for raping Mayella Ewell. That was checked out at her house, and she was attacked. At she trial, the factor for his gift at her house is revealed. Mayella Ewell...

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Tom to be at the Ewell’s house since Mayella inquiry him end to aid her execute chores.

Tom Robinson is ~ above trial for raping Mayella Ewell. The was watched at she house, and also she to be attacked. At her trial, the factor for his being at her house is revealed. Mayella Ewell had a habit of asking Tom Robinson come come end to assist her carry out chores.

During their testimony in ~ the Tom’s trial, both Mayella and also Tom confirm one another’s testimony that Mayella request Tom to come over that day to break up a large piece the furniture dubbed a chiffarobe for her.

“… I"d reminder m"hat when I"d go by, and one work she asked me to come within the fence and also bust increase a chiffarobe for her." (Ch. 19)

The testimony at the trial confirms the Mayella is lonely, and Tom to be good-looking. When Tom was married and also loyal come his wife, Mayella still want to come up through excuses to acquire him to cover over. Top top this details occasion she additionally gave every one of her younger brothers and sisters money for ice cream cream to eliminate them so she could be alone v Tom.

Mayella kissed Tom, and this was what she father saw. He beat her up and also Tom ran, and Mayella accused Tom that rape to cover up the truth that she instigated the entirety thing. She was simply a lonely young woman who got in over her head and also dragged Tom in with her.

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Tom’s greatest mistake, together he admitted at the trial, was feeling sorry for Mayella. The jury (and onlookers) to be furious that he could feel sorry for a white woman. By act so, the was putting himself over her. They might never pardon that. Unfortunately, Tom was just a pretty guy and also Mayella was lonely. It changed their lives forever.