trunk is the main axis of a tree the supports the branches and is supported by roots. Cellulose makes it sturdy. Cellulose is the main substance in the walls of tree cells, helping them to stay stiff and also upright.

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A college student observes several varieties of plants cultivation in a drainage ditch. Some types have brief roots when others have actually long r


a. Many plants in the ditch will be tree with long roots. B. Most plants in the ditch will certainly be tree with brief roots. C. There will be no adjust in the numbers of plants with long roots and also short roots. D. There will be an equal variety of plants in the ditch with long roots and short roots.

a. Many plants in the ditch will certainly be plants with long roots


Since the species of tree that have actually long root are much better adapted to resist being washed far by rapid moving water in the drainage ditch during heavy rain, the short-term impact that will most likely an outcome in a year the has more heavy rain than normal is that majority of the plants that would be discovered surviving in the ditch will be plants with lengthy roots. Castle are far better adapted to making it through in the drainage ditch during heavy downpour, when contrasted to tree with brief roots.

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Compare and also contrast streams and riversCompare and contrast ponds and lakes
Alekssandra <29.7K>
I don"t really know exactly how to explain the streams and also rivers but lakes and ponds are entirely different but the same due to the fact that both hold fish its simply you can uncover a pond in someone"s yellowcomic.comrd much more than girlfriend can find a lake
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Cellular respiration takes ar in the chloroplastic (true or false)
Vitek1552 <10>



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What is the difference between the pulmonary and systemic circulations
marin <14>
Pulmonary is relating to the lungs.Systemic circulation is the part of the cardiovascular device which dead oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body, and returns deoxygenated blood earlier to the hearHope the helps:)
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Can someone define the nitrogen, phosphorous, water, and also carbon cycle?
Misha Larkins <42>
Humans usage the fossil fuels and release the carbon right into the air. Starts through Nitrogen in the atmosphere. ... The runoff the the nitrogen right into the surface ar water is the it destroys all the oxygen construct up in the water, called Eutrophication. The Phosphorus bike starts v the weathering the rocks.
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