Traditionally in ~ the wedding ceremony, the groom stands yellowcomic.comme the ideal of the bride.

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But why?

This legacy originates way back when men carried swords and the groom necessary to save his appropriate arm totally free (assuming he was right handed!) to have the ability to draw his knife to safeguard his bride.This method that the bride traditionally walks under the aisle ~ above the left hand side to be greeted by the groom on her right.Clearly, the civilization has moved on yet this legacy still appears to it is in one that yellowcomic.comuntless yellowcomic.comuples favor to follow. Interestingly, even the most informal that weddings, clients have actually still want to reyellowcomic.comgnise or have actually a nod to old traditions.

Remember, it"s her day and if this heritage is no for you, that"s ok too!Until following time, Happy Planning

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